my name is Manuel und I’ve been around the german basketball scene for several years now. I was a writer for Eurobasket.com, and was co-hosting the only weekly german basketball radio show.

There are many decent blogs and fan forums that cover german basketball very well. Without a doubt schoenen-dunk.de is the number one fan forum in germany offering very good insight of what is going on in german basketball. Lately an excellent blog has been released: schoenen-dunk user Gruebler, whose posts are always a pleassure, started his own blog gruebelei.de, that soon became a mandatory reading for everyone who is interested in german basketball.

Unfortunatly all of those pages are in german!

So if you can’t read and understand german there are now and then very good articles on several pages (e.g. in-the-game.org), and the german section of Eurobasket can keep you updated, but there clearly is a lack for english pages that cover german basketball detailled.

Now and then I talk to import players and I often wonder how uninformed they are about what’s going on in the leagues.  E.g. the new rule in germany’s second division that says that two domestic player need to be on the court at any time was something most of the guys I talked to never heard about.

So I decided to start a blog that tries to fill this gap, giving some insight views on german basketball for all who are interested, but can’t read german.

When I started this site a couple of days ago, I did not expect so many positive reactions by readers, players, agents and even teams.
I had to experience that it would become very difficult “to keep up the good work” if I was going on on my own. So I decided to not let this become a one-person project.
As I was working on preview for Düsseldorf Giants I asked Mario first to help me with judging some players. He answered so detailed that I decided to ask him to join the project. He did not hesitate and wrote an excellent Teamcheck about Düsseldorf. Mario is an expert in NCAA Basketball and followed College Hoops ever since he was 9 years old. It was the time of Larry Johnson that made him an NCAA nerd. So in an americanized BBL, where teams tend to sign College americans, he is a true expert. There are many NCAA specialists around the basketball world, but not many who know how good these players will be in germany. So Mario is a big asset to GermanHoops!
The third member of the GermanHoops gang is a german-american, who also writes for Eurobasket.com. Miles Schmidt-Scheuber has been the play-by-play announcer for Skyliners games for several years. Since the 2006/2007 season he has been the host for Germany’s only weekly basketball radioshow and I was fortunate enough to be his co-host last season.
As someone, who grew up in Boston, he has built some nice connections to people in the german basketball world. Miles knows players, managers, journalists, coaches and all arenas of germany’s elite league. But most important: he has a knowledge of the game basketball
and I’m really glad he decided to join the team!
Everyone who reads at IBN forums or schoenen-dunk.de knows that the user with the nickname robbe is a walking basketball encyclopedia with a deep knowledge of the game. Robbe’s posts on these two basketball forums are always of a high quality and worth to read. We are very happy that he was willing to write the Teamcheck about the Telekom Baskets Bonn. Robbe aka inthegam is running his own website called in-the-game.org where he covers european basketball.

So, I hope you will like and appreaciate our site!

Manuel Schust

Contact us via e-mail: GermanHoops@gmx.de


  1. Hey guys, I really enjoy German Hoops. Great work with those Teamchecks! Really helpful to get to know all the teams and their history.
    I cheer for Dusseldorf and hope that Koko is doing some damage out there!!

  2. some of my old baskerball friends play in germany. its very interesting to read what this league is all about.
    thanks 4 your work buddy!!!!

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