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Daniel Berger(Ehingen)Frankfurt Can Be Dangerous With Any Lineup

May 5, 2016

Daniel Berger is a 25 year old 203cm forward from Medford, Oregon playing his rookie season with Team Ehingen Urspring (Germany-ProB). He started his basketball career with Chemeketa community college an dthen moved to Utah State(NCAA) where he played 59 NCAA games from 2011-2014. As a senior he played with BYU-Hawaii (NCAA2) playing  20 games: 14.2ppg, 4.3rpg, 2.5apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 52.9%, 3PT: 48.4%, FT: 79.2%. He spoke to German Hoops before the Pro B final against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors.




Daniel congrats on reaching the Pro B final sweeping the Giants Nordlingen. After winning the first game 69-60, did you expect such a nerve wracking game 2?

 Thanks Miles. I expected the game to be a battle. It was do or die for them so I knew it would be a tough 40 minutes.

Ehingen had the comfortable 45-31 lead at halftime. What was key for getting the comfortable advantage at halftime?

Our offense was flowing so well in the first half. We played together and were able to get some easy baskets. Also getting stops usually leads to a more productive offense.

What did head coach Domenik Reinboth tell the club do in the second half to preserve the win?

He told us to try and keep doing what we did in the first half. Also he talked about the last time we played in Nordlingen and they game back and made it an interesting game.

The Giants Nordlingen bounced back with 27 points. Was it clear that they weren´t going to go down not fighting?

Yea I knew they were going to make a run. That is what basketball is and they are a good team. We just had to weather the storm.

The lead went back and forth in the fourth quarter. Was this the best proof that this was playoff basketball at it´s best?

 Some players made big plays in the fourth quarter on both teams. That is what playoff basketball is about.

How happy are you to have Devin Moore on the team? For him hitting the game winning shot something the team expects of him at this juncture of the season?

 I really enjoy playing with Devon. He’s a very good player who loves getting everyone involved. I was happy for him making those shots in the fourth quarter.

On the last play American Jordan Talbert had the chance to win the game, but missed. How confident were you on the last play that Ehingen wouldn´t give it out of the hands?

I wasn´t confident at all when I saw the ball leave his hands. He is a good player and that is exactly the kind of shots he takes and makes. But sometimes the ball goes in and sometimes it doesn´t. Unfortunately for him it didn´t go that time and we just had to focus on the rebound.

What really impressed you most about this scrappy hard working team Giants Nordlingen that came to play every night this season?

They have a short rotation and that can easily be used as an excuse. Its impressive that they didn´t use that excuse and came to play to win every game this year.

Now you face the Fraport Skyliners Juniors in the final in a 2 game series. What kind of series can we await?

I think you can expect a fast pace, high scoring series. They are a very solid team who can put points on the board. Hopefully we can match that.

Frankfurt played Ehingen very tough this season having a 1-1 record. Does the fact that Ehingen last won in Frankfurt 96-90 mean anything now?

 We haven´t played them in months so I don´t think the last game matters all that much. However we know what most of their players like to do which is helpful.

Since that last win in Frankfurt shortly before Christmas, you have been Mr consistent scoring in double figures in 16 straight games. How much are looking forward to going back to Frankfurt?

I am looking forward to playing in the championship game regardless of where it is. I do like the gym in Frankfurt. Hopefully we can have a full team effort this week.

In a 4 game span you shot 14/25 from outside, but in the Nordlingen series just 1/7 from outside. Are you looking to regaining your touch again in Frankfurt?

Yea I am hoping I can get my outside shot going more, but I don´t think about it too much. If I think about it a lot it won´t help. I just have to let the ball go.

The first game is key as in game two, Frankfurt won´t have all their players as the Beko BBl play their first playoff game against Alba Berlin. How dangerous is Frankfurt? In game two they beat Dresden without three key players?

No matter who comes to play we better be ready. They have good players regardless and play well together. Our preparation should not change depending on who they play with. They can be dangerous with any lineup.

What will be key to winning the Pro B title?

 Playing together will be the key to winning. If we all come to play as a team I think we will give ourselves a chance to win.

If you could build an NBA Rushmore, what 4 players would you chose?

 Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Bill Russell, Larry Bird

Do the Atlanta Hawks have any chance of getting by Lebron and the Cavs?

The best team always wins in a 7 game series. At this point I think the Cavs are a better team. Hopefully it will be a fun series to watch.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Jungle Book.


Thanks Daniel for the chat.


Andrew Jones(Dresden Titans) Frankfurt Didn´t Ruin My Birthday Because I Am Able To Play The Game I Love

May 4, 2016

Andrew Jones is a 32 year old 191cm shooting guard that has been a professional basketball player since 2007 and has returned back to the Dresden Titans this season. He played at Miles(NCAA2) and has played in Germany for most of his professional career with four seasons with the Dresden Titans and three seasons with the BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). He also gained experience playing with teams like Marietta Storm (SEBL), BC Celtics (SEBL), C.B. Aridane (Spain-EBA) and Universidad Tecnologica Equinoc. Quito (Ecuador-National League). Last season he played for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 19,9ppg, 6,5rpg and 3,9apg. He spoke to German Hoops after the tough 98-96 loss to the Fraport Skyliners Juniors ending the Dresden Titans season.


Andrew thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 98-96 loss to the Fraport Skyliners Juniors to end the season. Does the fact that the Dresden Titans came back from 19 points to almost win the game ease the hurt somewhat instead of having been blown out?

Yes it was a tough loss. However, those young guys came to play and you have to give them credit. It hurts to lose an important game like that no matter score.

I came back from my training run in Chalon, France to check the score and was shocked to see that Frankfurt was up by 20 points in the second half. Did the Dresden Titans wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

I had a good feeling with our team the week prior. So, we definitely didn’t underestimate their ability to win.

You had told me in the pregame interview that you would take the Frankfurt side as if it was their A-team. Did Dresden underestimate Frankfurt or did the guests come up with even more intensity than you ever expected?

These guys got off the bus on fire!! For 34 minutes of the game, they did what they wanted to do.

Did the Fraport Skyliners remind you a bit of the Nordlingen Giants in that they had a very slim rotation and had 4 guys that had to do most of the scoring?

Yes I can say that. But it seemed like every person on their roster that day hit a three. Whenever we made a good run, they made another three.

The Fraport Skyliners Juniors led 54 to 36 at halftime. What was key for the guests having the very big lead at the break?

They played with a lot of energy. They made the right decisions and continue throughout the game.

With the season on the line, what did head coach Steven Clauss tell the team to do for the possible last 20 minutes of the season?

He wanted us to play with more energy. I think their explosive start took us by surprise. So, coach definitely wanted us to put more energy into the game.

The Dresden Titans really stepped up their offense in the second half and were able to execute. What adjustments did the club make that started the big comeback?

We started to get more defensive stops. Those defensive stops turn into easy buckets and confident shooting.

In the fourth quarter, Dresden made one last run, but came up short. How proud are you of the fighting mentality of the team in that last quarter?

I’m very proud! We had a very big crowd and it’s good that they saw us try hard. Fans come to see a good team and good effort. That last run gave them both.

With 20 seconds to go, I made the call that Steven Clauss would want to win the game with a three pointer as you were down by two points. However American Randall Holt´s last shot came up short. What were your thoughts about when he released the ball? Did it look good from your standpoint?

We called a set play for Daniel to come out in a Diamond set. The big came out and defended well and the ball was knocked out. Randal quickly picked the ball up and threw it up way behind the three point line. Looked good, but did not go in.

Randall Holt gave his all hitting for 31 points. What will you never forget about his stay in Dresden and what you and him accomplished as teammates?

Well he came in and changed our season. Him leading at the point guard position help us in so many ways. We contributed with a great run starting in the second half of the season. We came up short at the end, but it was great regardless.

The Fraport Skyliners Juniors now face Ehingen in the Pro B final. What kind of series can we await and who will win the Pro B final?

Two strong teams ahead with both Ehingen and Frankfurt. I don’t know the outcome, but will be exciting for ProB.

You have played four seasons with the Dresden Titans. What memory will you forever have with the 2015-2016 season?

How our team changed from the first half to the second half. We struggled in the beginning, but we made a great run at the end.

If you look at the whole Dresden Titans roster, which player do you feel improved the most?

I would say David Sturner because he became a 20 and 10 man towards the second half. He looked very comfortable on the court and it showed in his stats.

How would you rate your season with the Dresden Titans. You didn´t have to score as much as in other years, but were still valuable in other ways with your defense and experience.

I’m very critical of myself and would give myself a low rating. I feel I could have gave more offensively. However, I learn more about myself this year. I’m happy to experience everything that comes with this sport, it makes you stronger.

You just turned 33 and still have much game. With head coach Steven Clauss staying on board, do you think that you will return next season?

It’s a blessing to play this game. I want to enjoy it as long as I can. I am on board with being a Titan again. But, we will see what the future holds.

Even if you didn´t win the game against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors, you couldn´t hide the fact that they ruined your birthday. Was there anything positive that you could take from your 33rd birthday?

They didn’t ruin my birthday because I’m able to play the game I love. They gave me a gift by giving us a great challenge. We just didn’t come through on our side. I’m even offered them cake afterwards. It was great day for basketball

If you had to build your NBA Rushmore with your ultimate 4 NBA players who would you take?

Jordan, Kobe, Shaquille, Iverson

The Atlanta Hawks now tangle with Lebron and the Cavs. What do you see happening in this series?

Of course I want the Hawks to win. But, the NBA wants to see the Cavs in the finals. So Hawks will lose 4-2.

What was the last movie that you saw?

I’m on the TV show Arrow

Thanks Andrew for the chat.


Jordan Talbert(Giants Nordlingen) I Think My Physical Presence On The Court Improved

May 3, 2016

Jordan Talbert is a 25 year old 198cm forward from Little Rock, Arkansas that is playing his second professional season with the Giants Nordlingen. He came to Germany as a rookie last season and played with the Giants TSV 1861 Noerdlingen (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 26 games: 21.6ppg, 9.6rpg, 3.2apg, 2.0spg, Blocks-4(1.5bpg), FGP: 51.7%, 3PT: 28.9%, FT: 78.4%. He played his college career at Missouri SO(NCAA2) from 2010-2014 and as a senior played 31 games averaging 11.7ppg, 7.4rpg, 2.9apg, 1.1spg, 1.7bpg, FGP: 44.8%, 3PT: 37.0%, FT: 70.1%. He spoke to German Hoops after the season ending 78-77 loss to Ehingen.




Thanks Jordan for talking to German Hoops. A tough 78-77 loss to Ehingen to end the season. Head coach Mario Matic told me 5 hours before tip off that he was very confident that his team would win. How confident did the team feel that it would give a lot better effort then in game one?

We were definitely confident that we would come out and play better than we did in game 1. Unfortunately they came out just as motivated to elevate their game also.

Does the bitter loss effect lessen a bit when you think how hard the team fought from 15 points down in the first half to almost winning the game at the end instead of being beat by 20 points to end the season?

Any type of loss hurts. I think the close ones cut a little deeper but it’s better than losing by 20.

The Giants Nordlingen started off the game very slow and trailed 45-31 at the break. What was key for the team not being able to keep pace with Ehingen?

They came out and made some tough shots early on which didn’t allow us to get out in transition.

With the season on the line and 20 more minutes to play, what soothing words did head coach Mario Matic give the team to take into the second half?

He just told us to go out and leave it all out on the floor in which I think we did.

How key was the 9-0 run to start the third quarter for Nordlingen? Even though it didn´t bring you eye to eye with Ehingen, it layed the foundation for the structure and success that the Giants would achieve in the second half?

We know we had to get off to a good start and chip away at the lead. They’re a solid team and we knew it wouldn’t be easy.

The fourth quarter was a real good hardnosed battle and there was a span in the first five minutes where Nordlingen held Ehingen scoreless for three and a half minutes where you got the lead. Was this span the best defense that the team played in the game with the game on the line?

 Yea at that point we really buckled down and focused on getting stops.

Then followed 10 lead changes. What was missing on the defensive side to get 1-2 stops which might have secured the win?

We just didn’t get the stops when we needed them. Our defense down the stretch wasn’t that good for whatever reason and it cost us.

You and Brandon Lockhart hit the last two buckets of the season and have been the two best players that the club had this season. How much have you guys grown as teammates through the season?

We definitely have grown as teammates on the court as well as friends off the court. It was a pleasure playing alongside him this season and benefiting from all of his passes.

Devon Moore won the game with a shot with 13 seconds and Jordan Talbert had the last shot for the win, but missed. Please take me through the last two plays of the season?

Coming out of the time out we knew Moore was going take the last shot since he just scored twice before to give them the lead. They ran a high screen and roll and he got to the lane making a tough finish at the rim. We came down quickly and Brandon hit me in the trail at the top of the key. I got a good look at the rim, took the shot and it just didn’t go in. A tough pill to swallow but that’s basketball.

You were part of the amazing Cinderella season of the Giants Nordlingen. What will you always remember the most about this unique team and what made the whole existence so special?

I will definitely remember my teammates and coach. All of the success we had this season when no one expected us to even make it to this point. We had fun playing together this season and it’s one that’ll be remembered.

I would presume that Mario Matic is the front runner for coach of the year. What made his teaching style and knowledge so beneficial to the team and success?

Mario is a great coach not only because his knowledge of the game but because his knowledge of players. He lets us go out and play our games and not try to dictate too much. He trusted us to make plays which was a huge reason we were successful.

Who in your eyes was the most improved player on the Giants Nordlingen this season?

Well we only had 3 returning players from last season including myself. Out of us 3 I have to say Moritz Trieb. His game has improved tremendously since I’ve arrived here. Janek also had an incredible season. I know he didn’t play much last season but this season he gave us an excellent effort every night. Also as our captain he carried a lot of responsibility for us.

You had a very strong season and Mario Matic has already given his support for you and trying to make the next step to the Pro A. What do you feel on your game matured in your second season as a professional that will get you to the next level?

 I think my physical presence on the court improved. With us being a smaller team I knew I had to be effective grabbing rebounds, protecting the rim, and helping a lot on defense. I just tried to fill in spots where we were weak and make us a stronger unit.

With your second professional season and second in Germany in the books, which player do you feel gave you the toughest battle on the floor this season?

I would say Randal Holt. Even though we only played them once and we play completely different positions I was really impressed with his game and how much better he helped make the Dresden team in such a short amount of time.

If you had to build your NBA Rushmore with your four best players who would you pick?

My personal NBA Rushmore would consist of Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Tracy McGrady. These players had the biggest effect on me and my passion for the game.

The Atlanta Hawks now battle Lebron and the Cavs. What do you feel happening in this series and who will win and how many games?

 I think the Cavs win the series easily and it maybe goes to 6 games. The Hawks just don’t matchup well with them at all.

What will be the first meal that you grab when you get off the plane in the States?

 Homemade Pancakes and Bacon.

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Jordan for the chat.


Jordan Theodore Felt Take Over Time And Leads The Fraport Skyliners To 2016 Fiba Europe Cup Title Over Varese 66-62

May 2, 2016

After the hard fought and down and dirty Fraport Skyliners 59-56 victory against Russian team Enisey heaving them into the Fiba Europe Cup final where the only thing missing had been a Delroy James vs Danilo Barthel stare down in the paint area, Jordan Theodore was stretching after the duel when suddenly a media representative cleared up the Englewood, New Jersey native that he had seen him play when the good spirited point guard had played with Antalya Buyuksehir Belediye (Turkey-TBL). After some small chit chat, both had smiles on their faces for the short break down of memory lane. It had been another normal day at the office for Theodore even if it took him and the club some deep soul searching in the fourth quarter to grind their way into the final. In his first three seasons as a professional in Europe, Theodore had very solid stats, but in the end that didn´t mean anything as he always played on losing teams and went home early to Englewood, New Jersey to catch the NBA playoffs. However this season with the Fraport Skyliners everything has changed as his scoring, assist and steal rate is back up to his rookie season, but the massive difference this season is that he has become a real leader for a winning team and MVP candidate in the German Beko BBL. And a little side note, he has dominated not only the country league and been consistent, but also belonged to the top guards in the FIba Europe Cup competition, the first time in his career that he has played in an international club tournament. He also finally has broken out of his outside shooting slump as he is near 40% while he shot only 25% in his first three seasons. Plus all season long he has matched up against the top point guards in both competitions and looked real good. In the FIba Europe Cup, he battled against guys like Thaddus Mcfadden, Earl Calloway, Mark Lyons and Tony Taylor and stepped off the court as the winner. In his quest to win his first professional title in Chalon, France in the Fiba Europe Cup, the pride and joy of Englewood, New Jersey had to face one last dirty confrontation not with one, but against two strong ex NBA point guards Maalik Wayns and Chris Wright who he also knew well from the NCAA with Villanova and Georgetown as he had played against them with Seton Hall. Theodore put on that last mean Fiba Europe Cup face of the season and went to battle for the title with the Fraport Skyliners and really had to do some serious soul searching and just break out of his shell in crunch-time as he had been taken out of the game well for three quarters, but when it counted most, he stepped up once again winning the battle against the guards of the opponent and led his team to the title. “We didn´t play our brand of basketball in the first three quarters. They played harder and wanted it more. When we were down by nine points after three, my teammates told me not to worry that I would pick up my game. We have played team basketball all season long and showed it at the end. Morrison and Robertson picked it up and we got tougher as a team. We just didn´t want to lose and I knew that we would come back. This is my first title in Europe. It feels so amazing. It is great when hard work pays off. I am so excited. It´s great for the city of Frankfurt and I know Englewood is tearing it up now”, stressed Englewood, New Jersey native Jordan Theodore. Italian team Varese played spectacular for 30 minutes and pretty much gave the Fraport Skyliners a taste of their own medicine playing their brand of defense and beating them with their kind of ball movement, but just couldn´t hold down the fort for 40 minutes as Frankfurt made that last amazing run. “I am so disappointed. We were so close and too lose it like that at the end was very tough. They are a good team and played great. Congrats to Frankfurt”; added ex Philadelphia 76er Maalik Wayns.

The Fraport Skyliners came into the game focused and self-confident and why shouldn´t they have been? Frankfurt came into the Fiba Europe Cup final with a best 17-1 record and clearly had been the best club in the competition. Shortly before the jump ball to start the game, Jordan Theodore looked up to the Frankfurt fans pointing and letting them know in a few hours that title is yours. However the contest didn´t start off well for the Fraport Skyliners as they were halted in their first five possessions as Varese jumped off to a quick 7-0 lead as ex Arizona State snipper Rihards Kuksiks hit free throws and ex Villanova guard Wayns nailed a three pointer and 15 footer jumper. Frankfurt got their first field goal of the match as Quantez Robertson snuck inside and got the back door pass from Aaron Doornekamp. Robertson then served up another back door pass to Johannes Voigtmann who made the easy layup. However Varese had this controlled offense that like Frankfurt featured a structured ball movement and spacing was brilliant as they got many of their big men open for the mid distance jumpers. Varese also had no problem getting inside as their speedy guards Wayns and Chris Wright gave them fits all night long. Wright made free throws and scored inside to extend the Varese lead to 11-4. Varese surprised Frankfurt with their very physical defense as wherever Frankfurt pushed the ball, bump there was the Italian wall. However basketball wouldn´t be basketball without runs and Frankfurt then turned it around after a time out to shock Varese with a 11-2 run to take the short 15-13 lead. In the run, the Fraport Skyliners decided to bang the ball inside which Varese didn´t come to terms with. Frankfurt got key buckets from Voigtmann with a tip in, dunk and free throws and Danilo Barthel nailed a trey and finished off a lay in as the lob pass worked again as Voigtmann served him the pass. However the Frankfurt lead was short lived as with two seconds remaining in the first quarter, Varese stole the lead back 16-15 as ex Georgetown(NCAA) guard Chris Wright hit an amazing buzzer beater as he sped up the court and nailed the shot about seven feet behind the three point line and was caught between two Skyliners. “We expected this game to be low scoring and one usually sees that in a final. They started off well getting stops and getting easy baskets on transition. But we always know that when we play good defense that we can stay with anyone”, stressed Fraport Skyliner Phillip Scrubb. Varese was shooting 35% from the field and 25% from outside while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 37% from the field and 16% from outside. Frankfurt had the 10-9 rebound edge and both teams had three turnovers a piece.

In the second quarter, Varese continued to have the lead and play their solid offense game while totally stifling the Fraport Skyliners with their aggressive no prisoners defensive approach. Like in the first quarter, Varese jumped on top of Frankfurt going on a brutal 8-2 run to extend their lead to 24-19. In the run, the club got useful production from other players other than their Americans as ex Leverkusen forward Kristjan Kangur gave his team some production with a lay in on the fast break and a jumper while Italian Luca Campani drilled home a three pointer. Varese could have led by more had Chris Wright been more successful from the free throw line as he missed two of three attempts. Frankfurt continued to have massive difficulty finding that offensive rhythm and also were losing confidence as at times they were holding back from taking open shots. Varese was doing a good job keeping Jordan Theodore out of the paint and Aaron Doornekamp had to rest on the bench with three fouls. Varese continued to hold the lead and get excellent support from non-Americans as ex Bologna Italian Daniele Cavaliero dropped a trey and ex NBA player Brandon Davies found Giancarlo Ferrero for the lay in. Frankfurt wasn´t totally shut out as Theodore finally hit his first field goal after 17 minutes in and the German twin towers continued to be aggressive on the offensive glass as Danilo Barthel made a tip in. Wayns took Varese into halftime with a pretty bucket in traffic as Varese led 31-25 at the break. “Varese is a very athletic team and went very hard at us each time we went inside or posted up and that gave us problems. They also moved the ball well and got open shots. Their guards used the high ball screen well and we had to give up the mid distance shot a lot to contain their guards”, said ex Charleton guard Phillip Scrubb. Varese was shooting 39% from the field and 25% from the three point line while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 30% from the field and 9% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 21-19 rebound edge and four turnovers while Varese had six turnovers.

The third quarter continued to be a nightmare as Varese continued to close them down on defense and on offense were executing at a solid rate to extend their advantage to double digits as the Fraport Skyliners were unable to get over the hump and go on that much needed run. Frankfurt didn´t execute on their first four possessions, but were lucky that Varese were unable to capitalize on it as all they got was one measly point from Kuksiks from the free throw line. Varese was literary stuffing Frankfurt inside as Theodore ran into a brick wall every time and Barthel and Voigtmann couldn´t get any production inside. Then it seemed like Frankfurt might be momentarily shifting the momentum as Theodore finally nailed his first three pointer of the night to cut the Varese lead to 32-28 and Voigtmann then stuffed Davis inside. The game then really could have turned for Frankfurt had Theodore hit the next trey, but he missed and Varese took advantage of it hitting Frankfurt with a bitter 5-0 run as Kangur connected on a three pointer and Wayns dropped a trey as the Italian squad led by 10 points again. Voigtmann and Wright then traded three pointers, but Varese still led 41-31. Ex Auburn guard Robertson had offensively been quiet all night, but here and there he takes advantage of this athleticism and finished beautifully spinning and weaving inside for the easy bucket, but whenever Frankfurt got some instant offensive production, so did Varese as Wayns who left Morrison in the dust as he sped to the hole for two as Varese led 43-33. Frankfurt did finish the third quarter strong as Mr Canada Phillip Scrubb hit a trey and Mike Morrison made a tip in, but Varese still had the comfortable lead at 47-38.”Coach Herbert told us at halftime to focus on defense and not let our offense effect the rest of our game and not to get down when we miss easy shots. We tried to focus on one play at a time. They continued to move the ball well and get baskets on transition, but we still believed that we were never out of the game”, added Phillip Scrubb. Varese was shooting 41% from the field and 31% from the parking lot while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 31% from the field and 21% from the parking lot. Both teams had 28 rebounds a piece, but Varese had 12 turnovers and Frankfurt had 10 turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, the Fraport Skyliners who for the most part have won games easily in the Fiba Europe cup and Beko BBL this season, had to show their fighting nature and like against Russian team Enisey in the semi´s fought back and had enough in their energy tank to stage that last run to get back into the game. Frankfurt really tried everything in the first three quarters and head coach Gordon Herbert always had a new idea up his sleeve so at the begin of the fourth quarter the club tried to get Quantez Robertson involved in the low post and exploit the mismatch against Wayns and it worked as he made the easy lay in. Frankfurt continued to keep the pressure on and Morrison stuffed Davies which led to a Scrubb three pointer who found his confidence again after hitting his first three pointer to cut the Varese lead to 47-44. Scrubb had been passing up some shots in the first three quarters that were open, but now he showed his old self again not hesitating, but just firing away. Varese still had resistance as Frankfurt still had a lot of hard work in front of them in their comeback as whenever they were on the verge of tying the game, Varese hit big shots. Varese got buckets from Wayns who caught Frankfurt napping on transition defense as he went coast to coast and Kuksiks hit a three pointer to extend the Varese lead to 52-47. Frankfurt had found their offensive rhythm in the fourth quarter and got heavy production from Robertson and Doornekamp from downtown, but so did Varese form Wright, but Frankfurt was creeping at the door step of Varese now down only 55-53. Morrison gave Frankfurt some sturdy aggressiveness inside scoring twice to cut the Varese lead to 58-57, but Varese still had that extra little more to barely keep the lead. Top players love crunch time and Jordan Theodore had shown time in and time out that he is Mr dependable as he knew time was running out and it was time to go to work. It seemed like Theodore had been stopped in this game in the lane as much as he had in the whole BBL season, but now when it counted most, he was able to execute in traffic as Varese still led 60-59. Wayns then unleased a ridiculous three pointer with a minute and thirteen seconds to go to extend the Varese lead to 62-59. It was Theodore´s time as he next nailed a three pointer from the top of the key and then hit three free throws as his aggressiveness with the ball was too much for Varese as Frankfurt had retrieved the lead back at 65-62. Even if he had been on the moon in the first three quarters, he stole the offensive show of the ex NBA guards Wayns and Wright in crunch time as his big shots lead Frankfurt to the title and racked up another personal victory against two tough guards. “Those two guards hurt us in the first three quarters getting to the rim. They play at a very high level. They really had my number until the fourth quarter. I knew that it was take over time. I had been awful for 35 minutes, but I couldn´t let my team down at the end. There was no way I wasn´t going to help my team win the title”, smiled Jordan Theodore. “I have played against Theodore since sixth grade. I was wasn´t surprised that he turned it up, because he was very aggressive. He has been having a good season. I am happy for my friend”, stated Maalik Wayns. Varese never gave up and had two more chances to send the game into overtime, but their shots fell short. Voigtmann closed out the game with free throws. “We turned up our defensive intensity and did a better job keeping them out of the paint in the fourth quarter. We knew that if we wanted to win that we would have to get the ball to Theodore and Tez on the perimeter, because we rely on them. Our game plan is to get them the ball so they can score or create”, added Phillip Scrubb. “We went back and forth in the fourth quarter, but Frankfurt started to make more shots and get more confident while we didn´t hit shots anymore”, added Maalik Wayns. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Quantez Roberston with 15 points who got the MVP award. Jordan Theodore added 13 points and Johannes Voigtmann 12 points. Varese was led by Chris Wright with 19 points and Maalik Wayns added 16 points. The Fraport Skyliners shot 38% from the field and 34% from outside while Varese shot 41% from the field and 30% from outside. Frankfurt won the rebound duel 37-35 and had 12 turnovers while Varese coughed up the ball 16 times.


The Fraport Skyliners Have Belief And Canadian Know How To Win Third Club Title Against Varese In Fiba Europe Cup Final

May 1, 2016



Canadian national player Aaron Doornekamp and Mr Canada Phillip Scrub are very special players something Fraport Skyliners head coach Gordon Herbert felt very early. These two amazing humble players could form their own special group and if they were real cheeky and off their rockers could name it “We produce titles the way cows do milk so don´t mess with us”, but since they are true professionals and born team players, they would not only never even dare to be so rude towards their teammates or even be capable to dream up such a bizarre name for a group. However one thing doesn´t lie, these two complete players that on the court think like brothers know how to win titles as between them won 8 CIS championships with Charleton as Scrubb made his nickname Mr Canada and for many the greatest college player ever to play in Canada won 5 while the elder statesman Doornekamp won three. When looking at their teammates on the team, there are very few that have won anything besides John Little who won the 2010 Eurochallenge with BG Goettingen as most players like the German big 3 of Johannes Voigtmann, Danilo Barthel and Konstantin Klein are still searching for their first professional team title, while Jordan Theodore is so hungry for that first taste of champagne that he might be liable to do anything to get that chip even part with his favorite sneakers while guys like Florida native Mike Morrison is still without a title in his fourth full season and Quantez Robertson the identity figure and Mr franchise who is in his seventh season with the Fraport Skyliners and has run up down the floor like no other player in the Beko BBL isn´t getting any younger could put a stamp on getting his number next to Skyliner legend  Pascal Roller in the Fraport arena when his playing days are over with a win. Not to forget head coach Gordon Herbert who last was close to winning a title with Frankfurt in 2010 when he lost a bitter game 5 against the Brose Baskets Bamberg. The hunger and thirst for finally getting a title back to Frankfurt which last happened in 2004 as the curse of the bambino was still alive with the Boston Red Sox from 1918 to 2004 before finally winning another World Series in October as they had been without a title for 86 years. 12 years since having won their last championship  may be nothing compared to what Boston Red Sox fans went through, but if you look in the hardcore fans eyes and players, you can sense one phrase keeping their thoughts preoccupied day in and day out and that is “It´s time for club title 3”!

In the Fiba Europe Cup, The Fraport Skyliners were the best team, but needed three games to dispose of Israeli team Maccabi Rishon as they let game 2 slip away on the road in OT 88-84. In a do or die game three in Frankfurt, the Fraport Skyliners found to their old self again winning 91-75 as they were led by Mr Canada Phillip Scrub with 20 points and six guys scored in double figures. The team displayed their classical Skyliner basketball which is a mix of amazing ball movement coupled with the great pass outweighing the good pass and great defense something the team has prided their game on as they are the top defensive team in the Beko BBL and Fiba Europe Cup allowing the least points of 65 in each category. Coming into the Fiba Europe Cup Final 4, the Fraport Skyliners are led by the basketball conductor Jordan Theodore as well as the German twin towers Johannes Voigtmann(11,4ppg, 5,7rpg, 2,3apg) and Danilo Bathel(8,8ppg, 4,7rpg, 1,9apg), Canadian national player Aaron Doornekamp(9,6ppg, 4,8rpg, 2,2apg), and freak athlete Quantez Robertson11,6ppg, 4,0rpg, 2,8apg). The club has a very solid bench where any guy can step up at any time in a game and make big plays and shots like Mr Canada Phillip Scrubb(14,0ppg, 2,4rpg, 2,3apg), Konstantin Klein(7,3ppg, 1,6rpg, 2,3apg), the minister of defense John Little(5,2ppg, 2,4rpg, 1,1apg) and big Mike Morrison(8,2ppg, 4,2rpg) and the judge Johannes Richter(2,6ppg, 2,8rpg who head coach Gordon Herbert calls his best offensive rebounder.

Italian team Varese who is a 10 time Italian Serie A winner currently is in ninth place of the Serie A with a record of 14-15. In the Fiba Europe Cup, the club that is coached by Paolo Moretti who did a great job bringing Giorgio Tesi Group Pistoia into the Serie A in 2014 and now is looking for his biggest success as a coach and the clubs sixth international title as they won five Champions cup´s in the 70´s. In the Fiba Europe cup, the Italian Serie A team had a 13-6 record as it took the team a while to get going in the competition as they started off with a 4-4 record, but then found themselves finishing strong with a 9-2 record. The club has guys coming and going the whole season which made it difficult to form a healthy team chemistry, but they figured it out in the second half of the season. They showed that when the pressure got tough, that they had nerves of steels winning two game three do or die games against Turkish team Royal Hali Gaziantep and Belgium squad Antwerpen. The club averages 82,1ppg which is 9th in the competition and give 77ppg which is 17th. Their big strength is their three Americans Maliik Wayns, Chris Wright and Brandon Davies that are vicious one on one players, but at the same time also know when the team has the need for team basketball. The club is led by 24 year old 208cm center Brandon Davies(15,7ppg, 7,6rpg, 1,5apg) who played at BYU(NCAA) and 71 NBA games with the Philadelphia 76ers and seven games with the Brooklyn Nets. 24 year old 185cm point guard Maalik Wayns(13,8ppg, 2,7rpg, 3,6apg played at Villanova(NCAA) and played 21 games with the Philadelphia 76ers and eight games with the Los Angeles Clippers. Chris Wright(14,6ppg, 4,6rpg, 4,6apg) is a 26 year old 185 cm point guard that played at Georgetown(NCAA) and played three NBA games with the Dallas Mavericks and has experience in Europe in France, Italy and Israel. Kristjan Kangur came in the season from Laboral Kutxa Vitoria (Spain-Liga Endesa) and is a 33 year old 201cm Latvian forward that has the most versatile experience on the team. He played early in his career in Germany with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and in France and five years in Italy and won two Serie A titles with Siena and Milan. Rihards Kuksiks is a 27 year old 197cm forward from Latvia that also has a lot of experience having played at Arizona State, at the 2011 and 2013 European championships with Latvia and two seasons in the Spanish Endesa league with Valenca and Lagun Aro Gipuzkoa BC. The club also has solid role players with Italians Daniele Cavaliero, Giancarlo Ferrero, and Luca Campani.

The Fraport Skyliners came into the Fiba Europe Cup final grinding out an ugly 59-56 win against Russian team Enisey. They never really found a rhythm on offense until the fourth quarter where they started to show shades of that offensive harmony that has helped carry them through the season. Frankfurt as always stuck to their principles and played top notch defense, but that is as typical for this club as it is for rain to fall from the skies when it is needed. The two instruamental players were Johannes Voigtmann who had 16 points and seven rebounds and scored the first five points of the fourth quarter that got Frankfurt rolling and Jordan Theodore who as always filled up the stat sheet scoring 12 points and dishing out seven dimes and getting five steals. Varese on the other hand won a shoot out against home team Chalon 91-82 and never lost their nerves as they were down, but won the game in the second half finding their potent offense again outscoring the French team 43-29 and cruising to the win. The team was led by Brandon Davies and Maalik Wayns with 17 points  apiece while Chris Wright showed his genuine mix of scoring and playmaking finishing with 12 points and nine assists. The team also got valuable production from Luca Campani from the bench with 15 points. The team shot an astounding 55% from the field and 47% from the parking lot so Frankfurt will have to have their A game on defense. The 2016 Fiba Europe Cup final should be a great final should the Fraport Skyliners have better luck with the Molten Basketball something they didn´t come to terms with against Enisey since they never play with it. Varese on the other hand had no difficulty letting their offense do the talking and getting them to the final. These are two teams that play team basketball, but the Fraport Skyliners to more of a degree. Key for Varese will be to find a healthy offensive rhythm early and not get frustrated early by the aggressive Frankfurt defense. Varese don´t always come to defend and will need to, because there is no way that Fraport Skyliners head coach Gordon Herbert will allow his team to display an ugly offensive presentation like against Enisey twice in a row. Key for Frankfurt as always is to play Skyliners basketball with their fierce defense which sparks their transition game and offense where their ball movement has been compared to the San Antonio Spurs. If Frankfurt can get into the heads of their guards Chris Wright and Maalik Wayns quickly, then that should be half the rent to the win. Varese have the slight point guard edge with Wayns and Wright over Theodore and Klein, but in the biggest game of his life, Theodore will give that extra to get his team over the hump. Once again the x-factor will be Phillip Scrubb coming from the bench as he supplied the knock out punch in the fourth quarter with two huge three pointers and like Enisey, Varese could only dream having a guy of his skill level coming from the bench. The Fraport Skyliners also have the edge inside and have the deeper bench which could become the biggest factor in the second half. If Frankfurt can play their typical strong defensive game somewhat controlling Wayns and Wright and really crowding and bumping Brandon Davies in the lane, then the Fraport Skyliners will come back to Frankfurt Germany with their third club title.

Johannes Voigtmann Fuels The Fraport Skyliners Into The Fiba Europe Cup Final Slipping By Enisey 59-56

April 30, 2016

Basketball players usually remember their first and maybe even second professional games especially when they gave a good effort. It seems like it has been ages since Fraport Skyliners power forward Danilo Barthel was a rookie in the 2011-2012 season, but he got on the right track in his first two games at home against Oldenburg and on the road in Tuebingen scoring 8 points in each contest in limited minutes, but at once letting the German basketball world know that there is potent basketball coming from the historical city of Heidelberg. For Barthel playing on the front line squeezed between the eccentric ex NBA player Jermario Davidson who will be remembered for playing with his cell phone on the bench while being injured and possibly studying new rap lyrics at an away game in Tuebingen and the talented young German Tim Ohlbrecht who had already played his first Beko BBL game at age 17 with Leverkusen, won the German league title at age 19 with Bamberg and played at the 2008 Olympic games at age 20. After that his career stagnated a bit and seemed at a low point when he came to the Fraport Skyliners in 2011. After the wasted season in Frankfurt where he never really got going under the hard nosed head coach Muli Katzurin where he averaged 6,0ppg and 4,0rpg and was even humiliated having to play 4 Pro B games with the farm team. After that season, he knew he had to make a change in his career as it was going nowhere, so he decided to go to the United States and try his luck even if that seemed like a reach at the time. He worked hard during the summer of 2012 in New Jersey and then made it to the NBA via the D-league. He played 3 NBA games for the Houston Rockets and won 2 D-league titles with Rio Grande and Fort Wayne which was no easy feat. Last season he came back to Germany and laced up his sneakers with ratiopharm Ulm and averaged 12.1ppg, 5.3rpg, Blocks-5(1.2bpg). This season he took the bucks and went to Russia to Enisey and has been a key figure in their success as he is averaging 11,3ppg and ,4,0rpg while shooting a strong 65% from the field. Last season the 27 year old German played solid games against Frankfurt with Ulm posting 17 and 15 points. Ohlbrecht probably won´t remember the first two games of the 2011-2012 season where he put up the goose egg in the first two games against Oldenburg and Tuebingen, but Barthel will surely never forget those first two games where he put his first mini stamp on the Beko BBL with his rugged play. Ohlbrecht was looking for another title while Barthel was still looking for his first title and both were motivated to help get their teams going and into the coveted final on Sunday as the Fraport Skyliners needed a strong fourth quarter to grind out a dirty 59-56 win over Russian team Enisey and will face off against Italian team Varese on Sunday as they dispatched home team Chalon 91-82. It was another game where Ohlbrecht didn´t fair so well as he notched only three points in the loss. One got a feeling very quickly that it would be a grind out game as both teams focused on defense and just couldn´t get anything going on offense as players had a new obstacle to contend with the ball. “It was a dirty game get down fight to the end. Both teams really wanted to win, but it was difficult playing in a totally new gym and it was hard adjusting to the Molten balls since we are used to the Spaulding. We didn´t play well for three quarters. We were too excited in the first three quarters and we are supposed to be under control, but we missed too many easy lay ups and free throws, but in the fourth quarter we stuck to our principles moving the ball and playing great defense”, stressed ex Seton Hall guard Jordan Theodore. Enisey fought hard for 40 minutes, but in the fourth quarter got an extra dose of aggressive defense thrown in their face and were unable to tame the Frankfurt inside out game. “It was a real grind out game and the Frankfurt good team defense really helped them. They also did a good job getting fast break buckets and our transition defense hurt us. Frankfurt hit big shots at the end and we couldn´t make the plays which was the difference”, stressed ex George Washington(NCAA) guard Tony Taylor.

In the first semi-final, the arena atmosphere was breathtaking as the whole building was in a sea of white except for a small area of red that was occupied by the Varese fans. However the noise that was made it hard to understand the person next to you abruptly left after Chalon had lost and for the second semi-final between Frankfurt-Enisey the difference in the atmosphere in the areana was like Bamberg/Crailsheim in the Fraport arena. Both teams had to get used to the quieter arena and neither team could find a groove early as missed shots were making an early statement that would carry on through the game. Tony Taylor did get the Russian squad on the board early as the Fraport Skyliners were struck out in their first four possessions until German national player Danilo Barthel made a tip in. Frankfurt was rewarded right away with another basket after a Taylor turnover as other German national player Johannes Voigtmann made a hard dunk as Ohlbrecht was too late on the steal attempt off the quick Aaron Doornekamp feed as the Fraport Skyliners led 4-3. Then it was Taylor again who scored, but he demonstrated his versatility as he sped inside for the easy lay in and 6-5 advantage. The Fraport Skyliners then used their biggest weapon their defense which sparked their transition game as they caused three consecutive turnovers which led to transition baskets from Theodore, 2010 Eurochallenge winner John Little and a crushing Mike Morrison dunk as Frankfurt led 10-5. This spark of energy was brought by bench players Little and Morrison who had just checked in before the 6-0 run. However after a turnover and hurried shots by Frankfurt, it was Enisey that used it to their advantage ending the first quarter on a 7-0 run to lead 12-10 as ex Unics Kazan guard Pavel Sergeev and ex NBA player DJ Kennedy nailed free throws and Taylor ended the first quarter with a trey. “In these type of playoff games, teams step up their defensive intensity. Both teams noticed early that they weren´t hitting shots, but both wanted to win very badly”, stressed Fraport Skyliners guard Phillip Scrubb. Enisey were shooting 25% from the field and 28% from outside while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 31% from the field and 0% from outside. Frankfurt had the 12-8 rebound edge and had five turnovers while Enisey had six turnovers.

The second quarter stayed very tight as defense continued to be the main course on the menu as no club could stimulate their offense and break away from one another. German Konstantin Klein got Frankfurt on the board first in the second frame with a pull up jumper and Morrison made one free throw after having missed his first three attempts. But Enisey continued to find ways to get in the lane as the speed of Taylor once again struck Frankfurt for the easy bucket as Enisey led 15-13. However the Fraport Skyliners then had their best offensive rhythm of the game at that points going on a destructive 7-0 run to take the 22-15 lead as they once again showed that basketball is a game of runs. In the offensive explosion, Frankfurt got massive production from Morrison who made two  hard two handed dunks, Canadian national player Aaron Doornekamp hit a trey and Scrubb nailed free throws. The run was paced by the arrival of Jordan Theodore back into the game as he brought calmness and that energy to the defense while Enisey was hurrying their offense too much and Frankfurt got into the passing lanes well. However in basketball one run is quickly matched by the opponent as Einsey silenced the Frankfurt run with a 6-0 run with consecutive three pointers from Sergeev and Kennedy cutting the Frankfurt advantage to 22-21. After Voigtmann free throws, it was Sergeev that hit another trey to dead lock the game at 24-24. The runs between both clubs continued to bounce back and forth as Frankfurt cruised out on a 6-0 run as Theodore felt it was time to take charge again as he went coast to coast for an easy lay up and nailed free throws and barthel also connected on free throws as Frankfurt led 30-24. Frankfurt couldn´t hold the momentum into halftime as Enisey closed out the second quarter with a 5-0 run as 27 year old Russian Artem Yakovenko nailed a trey and Taylor hit a 10 footer. “Both teams had their runs and the game stayed close, but it´s hard to pull away when teams aren´t executing”, stressed ex Carleton guard Phillip Scrubb. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 31% from the field and 11% from the three point line while Enisey was shooting 34% from the field and 37% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 20-18 rebound edge and seven turnovers while Enisey had 14 turnovers.

The third quarter remained an ugly battle where offense continued to be set aside while the defense was the main priority as Enisey was able to hold the lead after 30 minutes. The Fraport Skyliners got on the board first as a Danilo Barthel offensive rebound gave Doornekamp a second try and nailed a three pointer for the 33-29 Frankfurt lead. Enisey missed on their first three possessions until ex Avtodor guard Alexy Vtdykhalkin nailed a three pointer. Frankfurt got some needed punch from Voigtmann with a trey to extend the Frankfurt lead to 36-31, but Enisey had their outside shooting on tap as Kennedy and Vzdykhalkin nailed back to back three pointers to take the 37-36. Enisey was taking advantage of too many easy misses by Frankfurt that they should of made and they got valuable input from Vzdykhalkin. Whenever the game was very close or seemed like it could turn in the other direction, it was Theodore that took control getting an easy layup via the coast to coast sprint and made free throws to give Frankfurt the 39-37 lead. Then it was Jordan Theodore friend and work horse Delroy James who scored back to back buckets inside to give Enisey the 41-39 lead. James stayed cold the whole night going 3/13, but was respectful in defeat. “It is always a pleasure to play against Jordan Theodore. He played very well. He is an MVP candidate in Germany and I am very happy for him”, added Delroy James. Enisey held on to the momentum that James had started and ended the third quarter with a 4-0 run to lead 45-39 as Yakovenko made a thrusting dunk over Doornekamp and Sergeev hit free throws. “We missed many easy shots in the third quarter and it was frustrating, but we tried not to dwell on it and focus on the next play”, added Phillip Scrubb. Enisey was shooting 37% from the field and 38% from the parking lot while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 27% from the field and 17% from the parking lot. Frankfurt had the 31-27 rebound edge and 12 turnovers while Enisey had 19 turnovers.

The Fraport Skyliners finally broke out of their offensive lull in the fourth quarter going on a run early taking the momentum and never looking back. Frankfurt didn´t let the six point Enisey lead distract them as they quickly rushed out on a 9-0 run to retake the lead48-45. Frankfurt looked to Voigtmann early as he scored five consecutive points, three via the free throw line and once on the two handed stuff. Theodore also scored inside showing again that when all seems dark and gloomy, all he has to do is switch on the light and there is instant production in the lane. “I missed many easy shots in the game. I don´t know if what it was, but coach stressed that we should go inside and did. Once we had that run, we knew that we could keep it if we played patiently on defense”, stressed Johannes Voigtmann.  After Enisey surprised Frankfurt with a Taylor to Ohlbrecht alley-oop offering to cut the Frankfurt lead to 48-47, Frankfurt supplied the closing blow with a 9-1 run to extend their lead to 57-48. In the run, Frankfurt got two huge three pointers from Scrubb and a massive dunk from Voigtmann who got Ohlbrecht in the air on the base line, tip toed around him to the hoop for the easy bucket as James was too late on the rotation. Enisey did close out the game with 8-2 run that was supplied by Sergeev and Kennedy three pointers, but Frankfurt had the too big lead and made the slim reading 59-56 result  a lot closer than it really was. “Voigtmann didn´t make some easy baskets and I didn´t think he was frustrated. We just felt at the start of the fourth quarter, the point of empathise was to get him the ball and have me get guys the ball and open looks. Scrubb made two big buckets and we played good inside out basketball. They have three good Americans that play good 1-1. We contained Taylor in the second half and tried to crowd Kennedy and James and did. Instead of them playing 1-1, they played 5-5”, added Jordan Theodore. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Johannes Voigtmann with 16 points and seven rebounds while Jordan Theodore had 12 points, seven assists, four rebounds and five steals. Enisey was led by Pavel Sergeev with 13 points while Tony Taylor and DJ Kennedy added 12 points a piece. The Fraport Skyliners shot 31% from the field and 23% from outside while Enisey shot 35% from the field and 38% from outside. Frankfurt won the rebound duel 42-34 and had 15 turnovers while Enisey coughed up the ball 24 times. The Fraport Skyliners next play Italian club Enisey and know that it will be another battle to get that third club title. “They are an impressive team. They have some very good guards with Wayns and Wright who know how to attack. IT will be a tough game, but we will play team defense. We want a tough game, not an easy game”, warned Jordan Theodore.



Andrew Jones(Dresden Titans) We Have To Play Like It´s The Last Game Of The Season In Game Two Against Frankfurt

April 30, 2016

Andrew Jones is a 32 year old 191cm shooting guard that has been a professional basketball player since 2007 and has returned back to the Dresden Titans this season. He played at Miles(NCAA2) and has played in Germany for most of his professional career with four seasons with the Dresden Titans and three seasons with the BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). He also gained experience playing with teams like Marietta Storm (SEBL), BC Celtics (SEBL), C.B. Aridane (Spain-EBA) and Universidad Tecnologica Equinoc. Quito (Ecuador-National League). Last season he played for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 19,9ppg, 6,5rpg and 3,9apg. He spoke to German Hoops after the tough 94-81 loss against the Fraport Skyliners in game one



Andrew thanks for talking to A tough 94-81 loss to the Fraport Skyliners Juniors. How tough was the long bus ride home?

The ride was ok. We are very positive about the upcoming games. We started the playoffs against Rostock just like this. So we understand what needs to be done.

What did you reflect most about the loss on the ´long bus ride home?

I thought we didn´t play at our full potential. The loss was against a good team who plays well inside and out.

You always talk about being aggressive, but with David Sturner and Walter Simon out, did you feel like you had to do even more than usual?

I didn´t feel like I needed to do more. With David and Walter out, that is 35 points and 15 to 20 rebounds that we missed. I just play to the flow of the game. We have 3 imports so someone will get the low minutes at times. I try to contribute with every minute I get.

The Dresden Titans started off well in the first quarter, but then got hit with a 22-6 run as Frankfurt led easily 28-12. What was most difficult in finding a healthy rhythm on defense early?

Frankfurt moves the ball very well. If your not focused on the defensive rotations, runs like that happens.

In the second quarter, the Dresden Titans came back thanks to the spark that Max Von Der Wippel gave as well as your three three pointers. When you hit those three three´s, did it feel like the Andrew Jones of old when you averaged 25,7ppg as a rookie with Dresden?

Not really. I always been able to put points on the board throughout my career. However, back then I was trying to make a statement when I first got here. So it was more common to see big numbers from me. Our team this year doesn’t need 25 points a game from me.

What did head coach Steven Clauss tell the team to do better in the second half during the halftime talk?

Rebounding killed us in the first half. Coach Clauss wanted us to understand that rebounding will help us control the game

However in the third quarter, the Dresden Titans let the Fraport Skyliners Juniors get rolling again. What do you feel is most unique about the Frankfurt offense?

They move the ball very well. They can score on the outside and inside. So they have scoring opportunities everywhere on the court

The Dresden Titans made a push at the end of the fourth cutting the Frankfurt lead to 11 points. How confident are you that a Sturner and Simon could still have been the difference in game had they been there?

Both Sturner and Simon are important pieces to our success. I am fully confident with them we are at our best. We definitely have the best chance of winning with them included

How important was the aggressive play of German Max Von Der Wippel for the remainder of the series and his confidence?

It is very important for Max to be confident and aggressive. Situations where teammates are sick or injured we need everyone one to step up. This is the perfect situation for Max to step his game up

The Dresden Titans now face a do or die game at home against Frankfurt. How confident are you that Dresden will win it´s third do or die game this season?

We have been in this situation before, so we know what to expect. We have a great fan base to help us through this game. So I am confident we will make it to the third game in Frankfurt

I believe that Dresden had too many careless mistakes. How confident are you that Dresden will have more possessions in game two to help get your offense going again?

We will see all those mistakes in video. The best thing about those mistakes, we have a chance to improve on them throughout the practice week.

The Fraport Skyliners Juniors have a very potent offense and players, but if you had to choose just one player to close out first who would it be?

I would have to say Kiel. He had a great game against us. We have to stop him as a team. Wing and guards have to help on the weak side. Of course that will leave the 3 point shot open. But, easy baskets inside will hurt us more than a three point attempt

You said after the game one loss, that Dresden will go into game two and play as if the number one team was there. What will be key in game two to tying the series?

Playing like its the last game of the season. Control the simple mistakes we had in game one.

No real surprises in the NBA playoffs, but the Boston Celtics did steal a game at home with Isaiah Thomas netting 42 points in the game. Is there anyway Boston can get by the Atlanta Hawks?

I was born in Atlanta. I am a strong supporter of the Hawks. But, I know the Hawks are good at getting to the quarter finals and then losing. So Boston wont make it past the first round.

Prince was big in another generation, but did he have any influence in your music taste when you were growing up?

Prince is a part of the Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston era. Those three influence everyone in some way if they know it or not.

What was the last movie that you saw?

I am currently finishing DareDevil at the moment.

Thanks Andrew for the chat.



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