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Drew Brandon(Bayer Giants Leverksuen) If You Set Goals Your Going To Push Yourself Out On The Court More Than If Your Just Out There Playing The Game

November 27, 2015

Drew Brandon is a 23 year old 193cm guard from Corona, California that is a rookie playing in Germany for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen. He started his basketball career at Sierra College Calif.
and then moved to E.Washington (NCAA) in 2013 finishing his career in 2015 and as a senior played 34 games averaging 9.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 4.7apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 49.5%, 3PT: 24.7%, FT: 81.0%. He spoke to German Hoops after the 88-76 win against the Hebeisen White Wings Hanau.



Drew thanks for talking to German Hoops A big 88-76 win at home against the Hebeisen White Wings Hanau. What a crazy win for Leverkusen. Leverkusen were hot early scoring 28 points, but Hanau made adjustments in the second and third and got back into the game. The game then was quite tight and you had the 70-67 lead in the last seconds. Was it only somewhat fitting for Hanau that their work horse Kruize Pinkins would put the game into OT?

Coming down to final seconds both teams wanted and needed a win and he made the hustle play to give his team an extra chance

The Bayer Giants Leverkusen dominated in the OT period outscoring Hanau 18-6 and winning the game. What were the magic words of head coach Achim Kuczmann before the OT started?

He just pretty much said its a new game, play together and get to the losoe ball and the team responded well early in the 5 minute OT

You took over in the OT getting 8 points. On a team that has no real main big scorer, do you see yourself maturing into a role like this or are you happy with what you have?

I’m the kind of point guard that does whatever it takes to put my team in best position to win whether that’s scoring, rebounding, or finding the hot hand on the team on offense.

Guard Michael Kuczmann had his best game this season with 22 points. Do you see him as being a guy that can score more consistently in double figures?

Kuczmann is a good shooter and when he got his first couple to go early he played with more confidence and he kept it up, He could score double figures consistently along with others on our team

The team is 3-8 and just snapped a four game losing streak. The team is averaging only 68 points per game while giving up 78 points. Has this ratio been one of the biggest statistical problems this season?

We have had troubles defensively early this season which we have been addressing more and more in practices, and to turn this bad start to the season around we will need to keep improving the defensive side of the ball.

The Bayer Giants Leverkusen have four talented Americans in You, James Hulbin, Ricky Kreklow and Timmy Knipp and three solid Germans in Michael Kuczmann, Dennis Heinzmann and Goetz Twiehow. Is this lineup too little for the Pro A as the bench points seem to be missing?

Coach is working on developing some of his younger players and which makes us a young team gain experience every time we step out on the court and we got off to a slow start but I don’t think the lineup is too little to play in this league. We are better than our record and we just need to go out every game and prove that

What has been your impression of the German PRO A? It is so competitive and with a little winning streak, you could be near the playoff hunt again.

There are some really talented players in this league, and if we can get some momentum it is still early enough in the season where a win streak could get us in a realistic chance for the playoffs

You are a rookie and coming into the Hanau game was averaging 10,7ppg, 7,5rpg and 5,2apg. Take away the assists and you look like a big man. How much pride do you take in getting up and getting the ball off the rim?

Being a 6’4″ point guard I have always been a great rebounder for my size and position all the way through college and continuing as a pro. I just have a good nose for the ball and go after it to start the break. It’s just in my DNA

You seem to have had no adjustment period needed to come from the NCAA to the German Pro A. How happy have you been with your game and do you see heightening your game even more as the season progresses?

The NCAA prepares you to play at a high level, but there are things in my game I would like to improve as the season goes on and I think every player would like to see their game get better as the season progresses

Your biggest area of improvement seems to be your three pointer. Does this become a mental thing when shots aren´t falling for you? Do you see yourself being able to make strides in your shooting percentage?

Yeah it is a mental thing most people that get in a funk from 3 need to see it go in a few times to get their confidence back but percentage wise it needs to improve its something I’m not satisfied with and I work at every day, so I believe the percentage will go up as the season goes. The mental side of the game I take very seriously and I make a lot of in game adjustments. I just trying every game to go out and get a triple double and I haven’t got one but if I have something to shoot for it makes me go fight for rebounds or create. I look at it this was if you set goals for yourself your going to push yourself out on the court more than if your just out there playing the game

How thrilling has it been sharing the backcourt with Michael Kuczmann. Do you think he might follow his dad as a coach one day?

Michael is a smart player and I’m not sure if he plans on becoming a coach after he plays its not something he has talked about.

You played two seasons at E Washington. Before going there you played at Sierra College Calif. Were you always sure that you could be a productive NCAA player?

Yes I have a family that supported me through all of that and they laid a great basketball foundation and so I always had the confidence that any floor I step on no matter who we are playing against I can make an impact and not only in scoring but in every part of the game defensively and offensively

As a senior at E.Washington (NCAA) you played 34 games averaging 9.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 4.7apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 49.5%, 3PT: 24.7%, FT: 81.0%. Was your 27 points in the 88-86 win against Indiana your most memorable game last season?

The game against Indiana was one of them it’s tough to beat playing in such a historic stadium like assembly hall. There were a few others like wining our conference tournament on a comeback victory in the last 2 minutes and also the experience of playing in the NCAA tournament is an experience that is tough to beat

How important was it having a Tyler Harvey as a teammate? What was more beneficial the pushing each other in practice or the words of wisdom that you both gave each other?

Tyler is a great person to play with probably one of the most unselfish guy to lead the nation in scoring, but Me and Tyler understood each other´s games and that came from pushing each other in practice. We spent a lot of time together with our position coach Shanty Legans going over film of us and worked out together

How did head coach Jim Hayford prepare and groom you best for a professional basketball career?

Jim Hayford is a players coach so he really believes in letting the player play their game, which allowed me to grow an overall game and grow into a leader

Wh o won a one on one in practice you or Tyler Harvey?

Tyler was a great one on one player due to the fact he can create enough space to get off his shot, and we had some great battles one on one in practice which is something we would do almost every day in practice

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Do you ever see him being mentioned in the same breath as a Michael Jordan?

I think Lebron is a completely different player than Jordan so I think people want to put them in the same breath but they can’t for a few reasons. It’s a different game now and days then when Jordan was playing , Lebron is a type of player that the NBA hasn’t had before so I believe the younger generation will say Lebron is there with Jordan because they never really saw Jordan play, even though I was alive or old enough when he was actually playing. I get on YouTube and watch full games of him all the time and Kobe is the only one you could compare because of how similar their play still has progressed

You will be spending your first Thanksgiving in Germany. The team may do something or I can imagine the Americans celebrating in a sports bar in Cologne. What is your fondest childhood memory of this?

Growing up we would always go to to my grandmas house and now to my aunts house, in my younger day I really just liked it because of all the food and as I got older I still like the food but I appreciate the time spent with family and realize how important that is

What was the last movie that you saw?

We actually went as a team to the movie theater earlier this week to go watch the new James Bond 007 movie but they had to play the English version for the Americans


Thanks Drew for the chat.


The Fraport Skyliners Win Club Record 11th Game In A Row Slapping Krka Novo Mesto 82-72 In Europe Cup Play

November 26, 2015



It was only once a year the last 10 years that the Fraport Skyliners had to play in Bonn, but whenever fans thought about it there was an uneasy feeling about a so called curse growing and growing as the club hadn´t won their since January ist, 2005. A time then when no current Skyliner was a professional yet. Johannes Voigtmann probably didn´t even know what a basketball was as he was playing handball, Quantez Robertson was 9 months away from starting his college career at Auburn and Aaron Doornekamp was a freshman at Carleton where he would proceed to win 3 CIS titles. Things can be a lot worse as the Curse of the Bambino in Boston that was finally lifted in 2004, 86 years after the Boston Redsox had won their last MLB title or in Chicago where it is still ongoing as the Cubs have been waiting 107 years for the next MLB title. However basketball life is fantastic in Frankfurt as the club lifted the curse of Bonn with a big 82-59 victory clobbering the Telekom Baskets Bonn as if there had never been a curse and currently riding a 10 game winning streak and besides being the little darlings of the Beko BBL also the hottest team in the league. However what also has been remarkable over the last month has been how well they have adapted to the two game a week schedule and have also stayed perfect in Europe Cup action having a 4-0 record. They had problems at home against Leiden and KRKA Novo Mesto, but played excellent in the last two games against FC Porto and ZZ Leiden where their offense finally woke up, while their defense only took a breather against the Portuguese team and was wide awake in Holland. With the super win in Leiden, the Fraport Skyliners had qualified for the next round and with two games remaining in Europe Cup were looking to secure first place in Slovenia. Frankfurt knew that they would have to be alert as Krka Novo Mesto had lost only by two points in Frankfurt and in the last week disposed of FC Porto and last weekend top team Cibona in the Adriatic league. However the winning continues with the Fraport Skyliners and at the moment seems as self evident as the New England Patriots as with every new win it seems like their self confidence grows a tic more like the three point wizardry of Jordan Theodore that has been increasing in the last games as the 2004 German champion won their club record 11th win in a row slapping Novo Mesto 82-72 to clinch first in their Europe Cup group and move to 5-0 in the competition. It was a close game throughout, but one always sensed that the Fraport Skyliners were just a little better in all aspects of the game and when they had to break away in the fourth were able to with ease. A big difference was simply the defense where Frankfurt kept up the pressure for 40 minutes and kept the Slovenian team attempting tough shots on a rapid basis while Frankfurt got way more open shots. “It feels good to win our 11th game in a row. The key to tonight’s game was defense. We wanted to come out and set the tone defensively. They had us down early. They came out on fire. Knocking down a lot of 3’s and getting to the rim. In the 2nd quarter we finally got ourselves together and was able to get some stops off our defense. We also ran our sets down the stretch. Big Jo and Tez stepped up major tonight. They carried us most of the game. We didn’t have too many guys scoring the basketball and Jo and Tez were able to get us some easy buckets”, stressed Jordan Theodore.


After seeing an extremely ugly and defensive minded game in Frankfurt, both teams returned to the floor in Slovenia with their offenses better oiled and in a scoring mood. Frankfurt got on the board first and would get the lead three times with Krka Novo Mesto tying the score twice and then taking the 7-6 lead with a Mirko Mulalic three pointer who played at the U-20 European championships in 2008 in Riga, Latvia. Frankfurt spread around the scoring at will as German national player Johannes Voigtmann hit a hook shot, New York native Jordan Theodore scored inside using his almost unstoppable quickness and Quantez Robertson scored in the low post over Mulalic. No team could slid away as five lead changes resulted as Krka Novo Mesto were getting big man and two time Croatian all star Jure Lalic involved inside as he scored twice. Frankfurt got clutch buckets inside from Voigtmann who connected twice and 2010 Eurochallenge winner John Little dropped a pull up jumper. Both teams were doing a good job getting easy baskets inside and Krka Novo Mesto was getting to the free throw line at ease. After Robertson tied the score at 14-14 with an off balance shot, Krka Novo Mesto went on a 5-0 run to lead 19-14 as Mulalic hit a wild shot from way outside and Serbian point guard Dusan Katnic who reached the 2011 Eurochallenge semi-finals with KK Crvena Zvezda Beograd made free throws. Robertson closed out the first quarter with a three pointer after being served a pretty kick out pass from Theodore as Krka Novo Mesto led 19-17. Krka Novo Mesto was shooting 40% from the field and 33% from outside while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 53% from the field and 33% from outside. Frankfurt had the 9-8 rebound edge, but three turnovers while Krka Novo Mesto had zero turnovers.

In the second quarter Krka Novo Mesto went on a run and had their biggest lead of 9 points, but Quantez Robertson took matters into his own hands leading the Fraport Skyliners on a 15-3 run contributing 12 points. Krka Novo Mesto started the second quarter with a 10-3 run to lead 29-20. In the run they got support from 22 year old 211cm center Ziga Dimec who perfected the screen and roll twice showing why getting baskets close to the hoop resulted in winning the Telemach field goal percentage title the last two seasons, Stefan Sinovec who reached the 2010 Euroleague Final 4 with BC Partizan Igokea Beograd hit a pull up jumper and Matje Rocic pulled down an offensive rebound and made a put back and then made two of three free throws after Frankfurt head coach Gordon Herbert had been charged with a technical foul. Theodore hit a three pointer giving Frankfurt it´s first points after four minutes had been played. Despite Krka Novo Mesto leading 29-20, they were hit with their fifth team foul after five minutes and that was the turning point of the second quarter for the Fraport Skyliners who instantly rallied back as Quantez Robertson led the charge scoring 12 of the Frankfurt points in the 15-3 run regaining the lead back at 37-32. Robertson nailed two three pointers as his shooting was deadly on this night and made six free throws. Voigtmann also helped by sinking a three pointer. Krka Novo Mesto fought back as three time Slovenian allstar and two time cup winner sharp shooter Luka Lapornik nailed a three pointer and runner dead locking the game at 37-37. Voigtmann then made a turn around shot while Lalic nailed free throws. Heidelberg native Danilo Barthel closed out the second quarter with free throws as Frankfurt led 41-39 at the break. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 50% from the field and 55% from the three point line while Krka Novo Mesto was shooting 44% from the field and 33% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 16-15 rebound edge, but six turnovers while Krka Novo Mesto had five turnovers.

In the third quarter, the Fraport Skyliners set the tone having the lead for the most time except for a short instance near the end, but Krka Novo Mesto remained on the German heels never letting them break away. The immense power that Robertson had given the Fraport Skyliners in the second quarter continued in the third as he scored in bunches getting his own rebound and making the put back and then getting the perfect back door feed from Barthel as Frankfurt led 45-40. However Krka Novo Mesto then showed why basketball is a game of runs as they also were able to score in bunches going on a 7-0 run to get the lead back at 47-45 as Lalic made a lay in off the pick and roll, Mulalic nailed a trey and Lapornik made a catch and pop shot. Then both teams got the lead back as Theodore nailed a three pointer and Lalic continued to dominate inside getting a bucket as it didn´t look pretty, but was effective as Krka Novo Mesto led 49-48. Then it was time for the Fraport Skyliners to go on a run as they scored seven unanswered pointers as the German big 3 scored as Konstantin Klein dropped a trey, Theodore served up a no look pass to Voigtmann for the dunk and Barthel made a lay in as Frankfurt led 55-49. Frankfurt was playing strong defense which sparked their offense and continued to push the ball whenever they could and got easy buckets inside as the Krka Novo Mesto defense inside wasn´t aggressive enough to keep the Frankfurt big men out. Krka Novo Mesto continued to scrap away going on a 12-5 run to regain the lead at 61-60. They got huge three pointers from Lapornik and Katnic while Dimec continued to do damage inside as his big body was hard to control as he made two field goals including an old school hook shot and made free throws. Frankfurt got the last points of the third quarter as ex Seton hall guard Jordan Theodore made free throws as Frankfurt led 62-61. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 50% from the field and 55% from the parking lot while Krka Novo Mesto was shooting 50% from the field and 35% from the parking lot. Frankfurt had the slight rebound advantage 23-22 and both teams had nine turnovers a piece.

In the fourth quarter, Krka Novo Mesto was slowly losing their reserves while the Fraport Skyliners had enough energy continued to defend very well while their opponent couldn´t withstand the consistent offense and shooting. Krka Novo Mesto continued trying to get Dimec the ball and he remained productive and getting to the free throw line, but overall the Slovenian team weapons weren´t as fresh and active as what Frankfurt had to offer as they got a Theodore three pointer and Doornekamp lay in as he snuck inside for the easy bucket and Voigtman made a 20 footer from the baseline as Frankfurt had the 70-64 lead and were in control. The Fraport Skyliner offense continued to stay well-oiled and got open shots while Krka Novo Mesto had to fight for good shots, but weren´t getting them. Frankfurt spread the ball around well all night long as Robertson was key in the second, Theodore in many other situations and now it was ex handball player Voigtmann who started to play organized basketball at age 15 who slammed the door on Krka Novo Mesto with a jumper and three pointer extending the Frankfurt lead to 74-66 with a few minutes to go which left the Slovenian club in a deep hole as they had to win by at least three points to have a chance to secure the group win. Theodre who was a microwave against FC Bayern Munich a few weeks ago now had to share the microwaves of Robertson and Voigtmann, but turned his on one more time nailing a pull up jumper and floater giving Frankfurt the 78-69 lead. Lapornik answered with a trey cutting the Frankfurt lead to 78-72, but Frankfurt closed out the game with Robertson and Doornekamp free throws to win 82-72. “I’m not sure if Nova Mesto got tired but I know that we didn’t want to lose. We knew how important it was to finish 1st in our pool. The key to us working so hard and getting wins comes down to one thing. The guys on this team are not satisfied with just beating big name teams. We have set goals and we understand that every game is a battle within itself. So we make sure that we don’t dwell on wins and focus on the next game”, added Jordan Theodore. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Quantez Robertson with 22 points. Johannes Voigtmann added 19 points and Jordan Theodore chipped in with 17 points and four assists.Krka Novo Mesto were led by Luka Lapornik with 19 points and Mirko Mulalic added 12 points. The Fraport Sklyiners shot 50% from the field and 50% from outside while Krka Novo Mesto shot 45% from the field and 28% from outside. Frankfurt won the rebound battle 34-28 and had 11 turnovers while Krka Novo Mesto had 12 turnovers.

John Eggleston(Gladiators Trier) I am Not Concerned With The Number Of Shots I Take But Only Helping The Team Win Basketball Games

November 25, 2015

John Eggleston is a 27 year old 203cm power forward from Noblesville, Indiana that is playing his fifth professional season. He started the season with SLUNETA Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic-NBL) playing 8 games: 6.9ppg, 2.0rpg, 2FGP: 45.5%, 3FGP: 22.2%, FT: 64.3%, and now has moved to Gladiators Trier (Germany-ProA)He played at  Pennsylvania (NCAA) from 2007-2011. He played a total of 125 NCAA games. In his senior year he played 28 games: 13.2ppg, 8.0rpg, 2.1apg, FGP: 50.4%, 3PT: 45.1%, FT: 73.5%. As a rookie for Leverkusen he played  23 games: 14.0ppg, 6.0rpg, 2.1apg, FGP: 49.5%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: 71.2%. In three seasons with Leverkusen he played 76 games. Last season he played for the MLP Academics Heidelberg (Germany-ProA) playing 33 games: 9.3ppg, 5.7rpg, 2.2apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 55.4%, 3PT: 31.8%, FT: 72.2%. He spoke to German Hoops after making his debut with the Gladiators Trier.



Jack welcome back to Germany. In your short return back in Germany what can you say does Trier have that Leverkusen and Heidelberg didn´t have?

Thanks, Miles, it is good to be back. Trier has a good young team with a lot of potential. I thought it was the best opportunity available to me.

Is it a tough choice between the castle and the Porta Negra as what land mark is more beautiful?

To be honest I have yet to see either one. My first week here was pretty busy. Hopefully once I get settled, I will have some time to explore a bit.

Congrats on the big 93-57 victory against Rhondorf. How good does it feel to get this win?

Any win is a good win, but to win in such convincing fashion in my first game with a new team was a lot of fun for me.

The game was won in the second and third quarters as Trier outscored Rhondorf 56-27. What adjustments did Marc Van Den Berg make after the tight first quarter that really got the team going?

We didn’t really make any specific adjustments in those quarters. Coach laid out a good game plan for us right from the start. I think we executed well and made things difficult for them.

You had 10 points and eight rebounds in 20 minutes. How good did you feel? Do you feel it might be tough getting more shots with the explosive Americans Brandon Spearman and Dwayne Evans?

Playing with a new team is always an adjustment, but these guys made it so easy for me to fit in seamlessly. I’m not concerned about the number of shots I take; I’m only concerned with helping this team win basketball games.

What was your first impression of Brandon Spearman and Dwayne Evans who combined for 48 of the 93 points? Do you have that feeling it will be fun having this American duo?

Brandon and Dwayne are obviously both very talented players. I think they headline a fun and energetic group here in Trier. My goal is to make things easier for them and complement their skill sets to the best of my abilities.

You started the season with SLUNETA Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic-NBL) playing 8 games averaging 6.9ppg, 2.0rpg, 2FGP: 45.5%, 3FGP: 22.2%, FT: 64.3%. Why did this turn out to be such a short stay for you?

It just was not a good fit for me in Usti. I think both parties had different expectations going into the situation, and that is never a recipe for success.

You always had very good seasons in Germany and then this short stay in the Czech Republic. What lesson did you learn from this first real set back in your career?

I learned that there is only so much I can control in any given situation. All I can do is play my hardest and hope that things will work out. If not, then I accept it and move on.

Now your playing with a young team with the Gladiators Trier. This will be your third team in the German Pro A. With Leverkusen you were one of the main go to guys and with Heidelberg not the first scoring option. What kind of a role do you see having with Trier?

It’s tough to say at this point. I am willing to do whatever the team needs to be successful. As long as I feel like I am contributing to our success, I’ll be happy.

What is your early impression of Marco Van Den Berg. In Germany you always played for coaches from the start of the season. Now you arrive a few months in. What kind of a relationship do you see guys having?

Coach is definitely a no nonsense type of guy. He holds people accountable for their mistakes, which I think that is a necessary for growth as a team. Hopefully we can develop a good relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

The Indiana Pacers have started 8-5. Where do you see their journey going this season in the NBA?

I think the Pacers are poised to be a solid Eastern Conference contender. A finals run would be a stretch, but you never know.


What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Do you ever see him being mentioned in the same breath as a Michael Jordan?

Lebron James is the best two-way player in the world. He is a generational superstar in the same way that Michael was. You can pick nits and match up resumes all you want, but I would rather just appreciate the opportunity to watch him play.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What is your most memorable childhood Thanksgiving memory?

It wasn’t exactly childhood, but my first season in Germany my landlord brought me a fully cooked chicken on Thanksgiving day. He told me that he knew it was supposed to be turkey but that was all he and his wife could find. It was an incredibly nice gesture and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I saw was Birdman.


Thanks Jack for the chat



Stan Brown(ETB Wohnbau Baskets)I Believe I Have So Much More In The Tank That I Will Give The Team To Keep Us Moving Forward

November 24, 2015

Stan Brown is a 25 year old 204cm forward from Chicago, Illinois that is playing his third professional season and first in Germany with Pro A team ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen. He played at Lamar)NCAA) from 2009-2013 playing a total of 115 NCAA games. He improved his scoring and rebounding each season and as a senior played 31 games averaging 11.6ppg, 7.6rpg, FGP: 48.2%, FT: 67.4%. In 2013 he started his professional basketball career with Abejas de Guanajuato (Mexico-LNBP). Last season he played for BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves (Slovakia-SBL, starting five): 37 games: 16.4ppg, Reb-2(9.5rpg), FGP: 51.5%, 3PT: 14.3%, FT: 71.7%. There he achieved Slovakian League All-Star Game status and All-Slovakian League Honorable Mention. Currently he is averaging 6,8ppg and 3,7rpg for Essen. He spoke to German Hoops after the win against Baunach.


Stan thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the huge 91-67 win against Baunach. How important was this win getting back on the winning track after losing three of the last four games?

It was a big win for us, definitely needed it. Good to show everyone what ETB is capable of.

Essen didn´t have problems on offense in the last two games averaging 81,5ppg, but how important was it setting the tone early by scoring 30 points in the first and 20 in the second and leading by 23 points at the break?

Definitely the team who scores more points always wins, but our defense has been very key and is leading to our easy scoring.

How much does it annoy you to score 91 points, but still have 20 turnovers. Was that the biggest flaw of the night?

Without a doubt turnovers are very key for opponents to capitalize against us but we played hard defense and controlled the glass to cover for us big time. We learned from this game we need to control turnovers for the future.

Before the game there was only one player averaging double figures with Tre Bowman. Tonight five guys scored in double figures. Was this another attempt of the team getting a new run of self confidence for guys to start some consistency in the next games taking the load a bit off your shoulders?

I believe the game at Gotha was a big step for our team confidence. I believe we are coming into our own as a team and looking to make some big strides, stay on the look out.

Coming into the game your giving up 71 points as a team, but average only 66. Is this a team that could average 80 points over time?

Yes we definitely talked about this as a team before. We need to get that number down around 65 and defend harder to increase our transition easy buckets which will make 80 good number to achieve.

Especially with two fine playmakers like Gary Johnson and Jon Loyd who combined for 16 of the 30 team assists, one should be able to always be able to score. Have you seen a better 1-2 point guard combo in the Pro A yet?

There are some great guards here in the Pro A without a doubt, but any day or night I’m taking my guys G and Jon to war with me on the court.

Do you see one of the German players Christoph Hachenesch, Paul Albrecht or even experienced Marco Buljevic taking on even more of a scoring role as time goes by?

Most definitely, I honestly see all three taking it on. Hack is a good physical big body post with left hand, Paul is a great stretch 4 and Marco is Big Time shot maker so we have plenty weapons. Just stay tuned for ETB.

Your teammate Tre Bowman has taken up much responsibility with leading the team in scoring. What has impressed you most with his consistent play?

Some guys can just shoot, some guys can just drive, and some guys have an all around scoring package and that’s Tre Bowman right there. Very talented player. Big upside to our team.

Baunach is a rare team that only has one American. What was your impression of Jordan Dumars the son of Detroit Piston legend Joe Dumars?

Skilled player with a good feel for the game.

You are averaging 6,0ppg and 3,8rpg. How have you been happy with your play. Has it been a big adjustment getting less minutes this season over last season in Slovakia?

I am definitely grateful for ETB and the chance to play my second professional season in Germany. Yes it’s an adjustment for me but I feel I can get better at all times. I believe I have so much more in the tank that I will give the team to keep us moving forward.

How has the adjustment been for you in the German Pro A coming from Slovakia How has the transition ben for you coming from BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves (Slovakia-SBL) where you played 37 games: 16.4ppg, Reb-2(9.5rpg), FGP: 51.5%, 3PT: 14.3%, FT: 71.7%. I would imagine the pro A is more competitive?

Yes the Pro A is a little more competitive I must say. I think Slovakia did prepare me well though. I got off to slow start here in Germany but definitely picking it up here now. I have a lot of big games left to show myself here in the Pro A.

What strides do you still want to take in your play as the season progresses? Your averaging 15,9 minutes per game. Is being as efficient as possible your biggest main goal as a player at the moment after winning?

I definitely want to get back to my big rebounding in multiple games like last season, I feel that is my biggest strength that’s needs to be shown. I definitely look to be as efficient as possible because I know it helped give my team best possible result, wins.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Christoph Hackenesch?

Big Hack and me go at it. I must definitely say that he is a great experience big guy to have on the team to get me prepared for games and match physicality every day.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. What has been your most precious childhood Thanksgiving moment?

With my family I can’t just say one moment, every time we get together is a blessing and the best times of my life.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The gift.


Thanks Stan for the chat.

Tre Bowman(ETB Wohnbau Baskets) I Want More From Myself As Well As For My Team.

November 24, 2015

Tre Bowman is a 24 year old 196cm guard from York, Pennsylvania that is playing his second professional season and first in Germany with the ETB Wohnbau baskets Essen. Last season as a rookie he played for Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver): 26 games: Score-3(16.0ppg), 3.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 52.0%, 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 82.4%. He started his basketball career in 2010 with Penn St. (NCAA) where he played 16 NCAA games. He then transferred to Iona(NCAA) and played there from 2012-2014 playing a total of 64 NCAA games and as a senior played Iona (NCAA) played 32 games averaging 13.9ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 52.3%, 3PT: 40%, FT: 79.0%. Currently he is averaging 14,5ppg, 3,7rpg and 2,3apg for Essen. He spoke to German Hoops after the win against Baunach.



Trey thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the huge 91-67 win against Baunach. How important was this win getting back on the winning track after losing three of the last four games?

It was very important for us. We learned from our losses and wanted to come out this game very aggressive to make sure we could be in a good position to win.

Essen didn´t have problems on offense in the last two games averaging 81,5ppg, but how important was it setting the tone early by scoring 30 points in the first and 20 in the second and leading by 23 points at the break?

That was very important. We all worked hard all week and for it to pay off in the game and to see everybody getting involved was really rewarding.

How much does it annoy you to score 91 points, but still have 20 turnovers. Was that the biggest flaw of the night?

I think turnovers were our biggest mistake. But when you play faster and score more points usually there will be more turnovers. So you have to live with it. But going forward, it will be something we try to improve upon.

Before the game there was only one player averaging double figures with yourself. Tonight five guys scored in double figures. Was this another attempt of the team getting a new run of self confidence for guys to start some consistency in the next games taking the load a bit off your shoulders?

I think this game will give everybody more self confidence and more importantly a confidence in our team in knowing what we are capable of. We have set the expectations high after this game and now it is something we must continue to expect of ourselves so we can all try to play our best.

Coming into the game your were giving up 71 points as a team, but average only 66. Is this a team that could average 80 points over time? Especially with two fine playmakers like Gary Johnson and Jon Loyd who combined for 16 of the 30 team assists, one should be able to always be able to score. Have you seen a better 1-2 point guard combo in the Pro A yet?

To answer your first question, yes I do believe we can average more points per game over time. We are still very early in the season and are still trying to figure things out. And to answer you second question, no I haven’t seen a better combination. Gary and John are doing a great job this year and are really fun to play with.

Do you see one of the German players Christoph Hachenesch, Paul Albrecht or even experienced Marco Buljevic taking on even more of a scoring role as time goes by?

As time goes by we will see. I am sure not only me, but the rest of those guys are ready to take on whatever role the team needs for us to win games.

Baunach is a rare team that only has one American. What was your impression of Jordan Dumars the son of Detroit Piston legend Joe Dumars?

He is a good player with a lot of potential.

You are the top scorer of the team. Are you enjoying your role and how happy have you been with your play so far?

I think I have been playing OK. I am not satisfied with my play or being the top scorer. I want more from myself as well as for my team. What is important to me is winning games and if my team needs me to score, rebound, or whatever it takes to win, thats what I will do.

How has the adjustment been for you in the German Pro A coming from Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver)? Would you rate the German Pro A over the Leb Silver?

I would say this league is filled with a lot of great teams and it is a battle every night to win a game. In respect to the Spain-LEB Silver league the teams were also very good and was a great place to start my career and learn the professional game. But as far as individual talent, and environment I would say this league is better.

What strides do you still want to take in your play as the season progresses? Is getting back up to the 40% range from outside which you had your last two seasons with Iona a big goal?

Yes that is one of my biggest goals. I have always been shooting the ball in the 40s from 3 and I just haven’t been able to find the stroke from outside yet. But I know that with continuous work it will improve and I will become better as the season progresses.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Marco Buljevic?

Haha. Marco is a great player and I respect his game, but I have confidence in myself so I think I would pull it out.

What has been your most precious childhood Thanksgiving moment?

Thanksgiving is very big back home. And growing up it was always one of my favorites because I get to spend time with my family and play with my cousins when I was a kid. Not to mention eat all the food I wanted! Every moment was precious when I was a kid at Thanksgiving.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Horrible Bosses 2.


Thanks Tre for the chat.




The Fraport Skyliners Juniors Maul The BIS Baskets Speyer 89-68

November 23, 2015

For 23 year old 190cm guard DJ Woodmore who hails from Virginia Beach and is playing his second professional season with the BIS Baskets Speyer winning hasn´t been something that has happened often since turning professional so looking back at his monumental ODAC tournament win in 2014 with Virginia Wesleyan (NCAA3) is something he will reflect on from time to time so not to totally be depressed in Germany. This season hasn´t been any different than his rookie season last year as his team is 1-7 having only beat Weissenhorn while giving up a massive 81 points per game while mustering only 71 points which aren´t very prosperous stats for success. Last season Woodmore lost both games against the Fraport Sklyiners and he has one thing in common with players like Tim Oldenburg and Niklas Kiel that they all experienced bitter loses the last times that they were on the floor in the BCM in Frankfurt. The last time that Woodmore was in Frankfurt was in January 2015 when he witnessed a very bitter 75-73 loss as he produced 15 points, but it wasn´t enough to pull out an amazing win and 2014 NBBL rookie of the year Niklas Kiel who averaged 15/13 that season and future police man Tim Oldenburg last were on the BCM floor two weeks ago where they were on the short end of a very bitter 94-87 loss to Saarlouis where they gave up a 12-2 run in the last two minutes as once again they were unable to contain Mr Regionaliga Ricky Easterling who clobbered Frankfurt with 31 points and upped his total to 91 points in the last three Pro B games. Woodmore met up against Kiel and Oldenburg again and all three were very motivated to finally exit the BCM floor as a winner again and not a loser feeling the need to wrap a paper bag over their head after another bitter crunch time loss, but the American Woodmore had to exit the floor as the loser for a third time as the Fraport Skyliners Juniors routed the BIS Baskets Speyer 89-68. Woodmore was calm after the loss, but one could sense that he was fuming inside as Frankfurt still have his number, but that could change. “We got off to a poor start and were down by 20 after one quarter. Thompson hit his first four three pointers and that was the difference as Frankfurt rolled with it. After that we lost focus on defense. It is hard to come back when your down so much, but I thought that we outplayed them in the last three quarters. It was hard losing here again. Last season we lost on the last shot here and were close at home as well. I hope we can get them back at home. The next time we meet we will be more in tune on offense and defense”, warned DJ Woodmore. After two poor games, the Fraport Skyliners showed another strong effort and a big difference was that many of the Beko BBL license players were in the rotation again, but the result could still have been better. “We didn´t play bad for 40 minutes, but not as good as we could of. One can see how strong we are when we are complete. However Speyer is in last place and even though they have potential having beat Weissenhorn, they are a team that we could of beat by more”, warned Fraport Skyliners forward Tim Oldenburg. “We had a very strong first half, but didn´t sell ourselves well in the second half. When we are playing well, we need to keep playing our game and not let up”, added Fraport Skyliner Niklas Kiel.

In the first quarter the Fraport Skyliners found their offensive rhythm quickly and nailed shot after shot until the clock sounded after 10 minutes and Frankfurt had put 35 points on the board. Frankfurt quickly got off to a 10-3 lead as their ball movement was magnificent and one had to wonder if head coach Eric Detlev had shown his team the Europe Cup video of Frankfurt-Leiden or Max Merz had told his teammates the secret to top ball movement. Frankfurt was led by two trey´s from Merz and American Travis Thompson and a lay in and Johannes Richter scored inside after being fed beautifully from Kiel. The BIS Baskets Speyer then got their offense going cutting the Frankfurt lead to 14-10 as 24 year Martin Rittinger who played 2 Pro A games for Heidelberg tested his 41,9% from outside connecting as his quick shot reminds one of Anton Gavel, 18 year old Matthias Meier scored inside and DJ Woodmore hit a pull up jumper. However after that the Fraport Skyliners Juniors got instant offense that got hotter and hotter as the club went on a 21-5 run to lead 35-15 after one quarter. Frankfurt got back to back three pointers from Thompson, Kiel and Richter as their consistency from outside was amazing. Down the stretch in the last few minutes, Thompson hit another trey as power forward Tim Oldenburg got a steal and two handed dunk and made a tip in. “We made it too easy for Frankfurt as we weren´t defending the way we should have. We gave them way too many open shots. It was like a training game for Frankfurt”, stressed ex Central Washington(NCAA2) German Jay Thomas. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 76% from the field and 75% from outside while the BIS Baskets Speyer were shooting 38% from the field and 29% from outside. Frankfurt had the 9-4 rebound edge and had three turnovers while the BIS Baskets Speyer had six turnovers.

In the second quarter, the Fraport Skyliners kept up their dominating play and led by as much as 24 points and led 53-33 at the break. It really didn´t matter who was inserted into the game, that player contributed as ex Paderborner Marius Nolte demonstrated who played 139 Beko BBL games with the Fraport Skyliners and was able to score twice including an old school fingertip role. Kiel and Thompson also scored while the BIS Baskets Speyer were led by ex Skyliner Benedict Nicolay with a three pointer and Nigerian rookie Onochie Ochie that played at South Eastern Louisiana(NCAA) hit a few shots, but the Fraport Skyliners Juniors still led comfortably 45-23. Frankfurt was doing a good job staying focused despite having a huge lead and keeping up their defensive intensity. Ex Bremerhaven guard Garai Zeeb then made one of the prettiest plays of the night making a swift dribble behind his back which left Khobi Williamson wrong footed and finishing with a lay in while Nolte made a tip in. German Alexannder Kuhn tested his 31% three point percentage nailing a trey, but Frankfurt still led 51-26. Frankfurt then lost some focus as the BIS Baskets Speyer switched some things around in their game on defense keeping Frankfurt guessing and making more mistakes while the guests closed out the second quarter with a 7-2 run to trail Frankfurt only 53-33. In the run, the BIS Baskets Speyer were aided by jumpers by Meier and Woodmore and free throws by Williamson. “We played better at the end as we were hungrier than Frankfurt was. We did a better job containing Thompson not leaving him open”, added ex Walter Tigers Tuebingen German Jay Thomas who played 142 Beko BBL games. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 54% from the field and 50% from the three point line while the BIS Baskets Speyer were shooting 38% from the field and 33% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 24-13 rebound advantage and six turnovers while Speyer had nine turnovers.

In the third quarter, the BIS Baskets Speyer played a lot better cutting the Frankfurt lead down too as much as 13 points, but the Fraport Skyliners Juniors were able to break away again near the end of the third quarter leading 69-52. The BIS Baskets Speyer started off the third quarter with a 7-0 run surprising Frankfurt cutting the lead down to 53-40. In the run, the BIS Baskets Speyer were sparked by two buckets by Kuhn and a trey from Woodmore. The Speyer defense also was thrust up a few notches as they got some big plays forcing Frankfurt to bad shots and making a few blocks. However Frankfurt didn´t get intimidated by the run and went on their own 6-2 run to extend their lead to 59-42. Frankfurt wasn´t hitting as well from outside so they went to their even bigger strength inside getting baskets from Kiel and two from Richter. The only consistent offense that Speyer had was Woodmore who hit some shots cutting the Frankfurt lead down to 63-48 while Frankfurt continued to bang the ball inside as Nolte and Richter were work horses while Merz also made a step back shot. “We started off well as we were more focused and were playing with more intensity as we were scoring off our defense. However we were unable to match their physicality as they were crashing the boards and getting easy baskets inside. I am proud that we never gave up until the end”, added Virginia native DJ Woodmore. “We got off to a sloppy start, but kept together”, added Niklas Kiel. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 46% from the field and 27% from the parking lot while the BIS Baskets Speyer were shooting 41% from the field and 29% from the parking lot. Frankfurt had the 38-23 rebound edge and eight turnovers while Speyer had 12 turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, the Fraport Skyliners Juniors were able to keep up their big lead as they led by as much as 23 points as the last reserves of the BIS Baskets Speyer were slowly leaving them. Frankfurt got some strong production from Oldenburg who hit a jumper and lay in after cutting in the lane and being served perfectly from Zeeb. Kiel did the same thing as Oldenburg this time being fed by Thompson while Zeeb connected on a floater. The BIS Baskets Speyer got support with a sweet Nicolay spin move and lay in and Woodmore steal and coast to coast sprint with Thompson breathing down his neck as Frankfurt still led 78-58. In the last few minutes German Konstantin Schubert made a running hook shot and Oldenburg scored for the second time in the lane cutting in while getting the pass from Zeeb. Lenny Okeke also gave his two cents to the scoring with a pretty lay in. The BIS Baskets Speyer closed out the game with a 5-2 run as 26 year old German Benjamin Kaufhold tested his 15,3% three point shooting connecting while Ochie made a steal and lay in and Nolte made the last bucket of the game. “This is the type of game where you have time to try to get better. We did that in the fourth quarter and played better”, added Niklas Kiel. “I tried to stay in attack mode at all times and don´t think that all the scoring is on my shoulders. I think with time my teammates will find their identity. We need to practice hard every week and build confidence and play as a team in games”, warned DJ Woodmore. After a long period, the Fraport Skyliners Juniors played gave up the second least points after Leipzig with 68 points and know this is a work in progress. “Our defense has had ups and downs. We practiced it much last week and have improved in last games and know it isn´t as good as last season, but its on a good way”, warned Tim Oldenburg. The Fraport Skyliners had five guys in double figures and led by Johannes Richter with 17 points. Travis Thompson contributed 16 points. Marius Nolte added 14 points in 14 minutes, Niklas Kiel had 13 points and Tim Oldenburg 12 points. The BIS Baskets Speyer were led by DJ Woodmore with 20 points. The Fraport Skyliners Juniors shot 47% from the field and 23% from outside while the BIS Baskets Speyer shot 39% from the field and 30% from outside. The Fraport Skyliners Juniors easily won the rebound duel 49-29 and had 13 turnovers while Speyer had 15 turnovers.

Joe Lawson(Gotha) We Have To Stay Focused And Together When Playing On The Road And We Did That Against Kirchheim

November 23, 2015

Joe Lawson is a 201cm forward from Indianapolis, Indiana playing his rookie season in Germany with the BiG Oettinger Rockets Gotha (Germany-ProA). He played at Indiana SE (NAIA) from 2010-2012 playing a total of 56 games and then moved to Indianapolis (NCAA2) where he played from 2013-2015 playing a total of 60 games and as a senior played 31 games: 19.2ppg, 7.1rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1spg, 1.5bpg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 32.8%, FT: 78.0%. He talked to German Hoops after the big 60-59 win against Kirchheim.



Joe congrats on the big 60-59 win. You witnessed and played in a defensive battle with a game winning shot in one. How often have you played in this type of game in your career?

To be honest I haven’t played in a game like that since my childhood. I was glad to be on the right side of it.

The game was tight and Kirchheim was leading by four points after three quarters. With 52 seconds to go Gotha was down 59-53. With all the energy already exerted in the first 39 minutes, what was the biggest strength of the team in the last 52 seconds?

Well being down six with a minute left we knew we had time to make one more comeback. We just needed to get stops. So we stayed tough and composed and came away with a victory

Talk about the last moments before the game winning shot where you and Carlton Guyton hit big buckets. Gotha forced probably the best Pro A point guard Richard Williams to back to back turnovers. Did that win you the game? With one play executed Kirchheim most likely would have won?

Yes those two stops were very key in our comeback win

How fitting was it that captain Marco Voller hit the winning shot? Was there a certain guy the last play was designed for or mainly whoever had the best play?

We ran a play that had multiple options but the defense couldn’t take away every one and Marco was open and knocked it down. Guys like Marco hit big shots like that

What kind of experience was it battling against robust American Dennis Tinnon?

Dennis Tennon is good player that is active down low

After winning six of the first seven games Gotha lost two games in a row to Paderborn and Vechta. Ok One can always lose to Vechta, but to Paderborn. What did head coach Chris Ensminger do to get the team back focused and winning the last two games?

Paderborn is not that bad of a team and after that loss we just had to regroup. Coach told us we have to stay focused and together when playing on the road. We did that against Kirchheim. There’s going to be ups and downs during the season. We just have to put losses behind us but learn from them.

Gotha is a team that is kind of a dark horse that could do damage in the playoffs. How much potential does this team have?

This team has a lot potential.

You scored double as much at Indianapolis(NCAA2). Has it been a tough adjustment coming to a team where there are so many talented players?

It’s not necessarily tough I believe it’s better because any night anybody on our team can score the ball and that makes us harder to guard compared to teams planning to stop one guy.

What is your personal goal as a rookie besides winning and what do you still want to improve in your game?

I think Everything about my game needs improvement

You are a guy that can do much on the court, but what do you believe is a hidden strength that doesn´t always get noticed right on the court?

My passing ability as a big man

Chris Ensminger is in his third year as head coach with Gotha and continues to do strides. As a former center and top rebounder in the Beko BBL, how has he helped you as a rookie on the court most so far?

Coach has helped me a lot. As a rookie I am lucky to have a former big man who was successful for a long time telling me how the game is played.

You had your best scoring game as a senior at Indianapolis against S.Indiana scoring 31 points. Was that your personal best game or did you have a better one?

My favorite memory was going to the sweet 16 senior year in the NCAA2 tournament. Because the year before we were one game away from there. And we also got revenge against Michigan tech along the way.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Brennan Mcelroy?

I didn’t always win against Brennan but I’m up a couple in our series .

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Will he ever be mentioned in the same breathe as a Michael Jordan?

I’m not the biggest LeBron fan but I respect that he is one of the best to ever touch a basketball. I wouldn’t compare him to MJ until he gets more championships or retires then you can really look at both careers side by side

Thanksgiving is around the corner. What was your fondest childhood memory of this holiday growing up in Indianapolis?

Just being around family at that time of the year is a blessing.

What was the last movie that you saw?

I can’t remember the last movie I seen I been watching a lot of TV series.


Thanks Joe for the chat.


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