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Face To Face With Cameron Wells(Giessen46ers)

September 30, 2014

Cameron Wells is a 26 year old 186cm point guard from Houston, Texas that is playing his third professional season and first with the Giessen 46ers. He played at Citadel (NCAA) from 2007-2011 where he finished as the school´s alltime leading scorer and as a senior played 32 games averaging 17.2ppg, 5.1rpg, 4.3apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 43.7%, 3PT: 24.7%, FT: 82.7%. He started his professional basketball career in 2011 with Landstede Basketbal Zwolle (Holland-Eredivisie) playing 36 games: 14.0ppg, 3.9rpg, Assists-4(3.6apg), Steals-1(2.4spg), FGP: 45.5%, 3PT: 30.0%, FT: 78.1%. Two seasons ago he played fort he Walter Tigers Tuebingen (Germany-BBL) playing 29 games and averaging 6.0ppg, 2.0rpg, 1.6apg, FGP: 43.1%, 3PT: 31.6%, FT: 82.7%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.



After tearing your ACL last season how happy were to make your debut in a Giessen jersey?


I was really excited to play again. I was all smiles before the game. I am just happy and relieved to be able to play the game that I love.


What exactly is your role with the Giessen 46ers?


My role is to be a leader and as the point guard get all my teammates involved and just get the team going.


You didn´t play as much with American Eric Palm on the floor, but still how much fun is it playing toegther with this sharp shooter?

Palm is a great shooter that can also pass the ball. He is a great teammate, but we are still meshing together.


How impressed have you been with 16 year old Niklas Bilski?


That guy has a lot of potential and isn´t afraid to make mistakes. He is always trying to get better and just be involved. I think that he can turn out into a good player.


Two seasons ago you played with the Walter Tigers Tuebingen in the Beko BBL. What memories do you have of the crushing 107-71 win in Giessen? I guess your happy now to have the Giessen fans behind you?


To be honest I don´t remember much from that game, but more after the game. We stopped at KFC and all got buckets. We celebrated all the way home to Tuebingen.


When Johannes Lischka arrived in Giessen, what was the first thing you said to him?


We looked at ecah other and were whats up? I had heard that he had sustained a brain tumour. I am glad he is ok and back on the court. He was one of the best German players when I was with Tuebingen. He is a very versatile player. I think once he is his old self, he will make better results.


How has the game of Lischka changed since Tuebingen?


He is slower and that first step isn´t as quick anymore. He needs time to get his footing back.


How satisfying was the Tuebingen 99-69 win against Phoenix Hagen two seasons ago where you had your best game with 21 points while top BBL guard Davin White only had 16 points?


I remember that game. I had a very good game. The coach kept giving me the ball and my confidence rose as well. I took that game and tried to improve off it. I thought that that game showed that I could play in the BBL.


In 2012 you played NBA Summer league for the Milwaukee Bucks. Are you abit disappointed that you didn´t get more minutes?


Yes, but it was a good experience. I really enjoyed it and it was a very humbling experience when you see where your trying to get to and how difficult that is. I just saw the experience as a time to keep improving my game and being more consistent.


You were the alltime leading scorer at Citadel(NCAA) in the All Southeren Conference and you matched the stats of NBA guys like Stephen Curry and Andrew Goudelock. Why do you think that the NBA was never in your cards like it was fort hem?


I don´t really know, but those guys got a lot more exposure. Curry went to the tournament and Goudelock was player of the year. They always worked very hard and deserved to reach the NBA.


What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t always get recognized?


My three point shooting has improved. Off ball screens.


Who is the best player that you played against in the NCAA that is in the NBA now?


Stephen Curry who always had good numbers when he played us.


Who hits more three pointers in the corner, you or Josh Young?


Me. I would make more.


Where will the journey oft he Houston Rockets end this season?


They have changed some things.  They Lost Parsons. It will depend what Harden and Howard can do.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Bad Boys with Will Smith.


Thanks Cameron for the chat.

The Fraport Skyliners Have Undefeated Pre Season Overpowering Basic Fit Bruessels 94-68 In Last Test

September 29, 2014

Even if looking forward is more benefiical than always looking back and being glued into the past, Skyliner fans often look back to the 2003-2005 seasons where the team had their most success and won the Beko BBL title with head coach Gordon Herbert and a year later reached the final with Murat Didin. One of the pivotal players in that success was slick and slinky like Chris Williams who weaved in and around defenders in the zone as if he was gumby in disguise trying to elude the blockheads. It has been almost 10 years since the Alabama native was practicing in the BCM gym for many one of the best training facilities in Europe. In his last season in the Beko BBL, Williams played against his ex Virginia(NCAA) teammate Adam Hall who then played for BS|Energy Braunschweig. Both guys played together as teammates in the very tough ACC conference where Williams was in the top in scoring and rebounding each season while Adam Hall who like Williams were about the same height had to live a bit in his shadow. Since that season, both guys have played all over the world with Williams playing for 11 clubs the last being Foolad Mahan Esfahan (Iran-Superleague) in 2013, while Hall has been with 13 teams and has made a name of himself in the Belgium league, in five of the last six seasons with one year playing in Finland. It has been 12 years since they left Virgina having been teammates for four years and 10 years since they battled in the Beko BBL and for Hall hearing the name Williams just got him away from the post game questions for a bit and got him reminiscing about the good old days with his friend from Birmingham. Even after the tough94-68 test game loss in Frankfurt, Adam Hall´s eyes lit up when he heard the name Chris Williams and the words „Chris is my man“ sprouted out of his mouth. „I have great memories with Chris Williams. I remember in college, I was playing the 2/3 and he was playing the 3/4. We both played in Germany in the 2004-2005 season and I was still a 2/3 and Frankfurt had moved him to the four. He was one of the top players in the ACC that had future NBA players like Elton Brand, Steve Francis and Shane Battier. The fact that Chris didn´t get drafted is still shocking today. He dominated the German league then and to see how the skill level is now in Germany, you have to give him a lot of credit to how he was able to dominate then against the bigger players“, stressed Basic Fit Brussel forward Adam Hall.

For 40 minutes on Suday, American Adam Hall didn´t have Chris Williams on his mind, but was trying to help his team Basic Fit Brussel get by the Fraport Skyliners in their last pre season game. It wasn´t the Fraport Skyliners dictating the game in the first two minutes, but it was the Danilo Barthel show as the 207cm German hit two threes, gobbled down rebounds and forced turnovers which Bruessel had on their first three possessions. Frankfurt found their rhythm quickly and American rookie Sean Armand who had a tough game Monday against Leuven got off to a good start making a left handed lay up and German Konstantin Klein made a pretty floater as Frankfurt led 10-3. The Fraport Skyliners continued to pour it on on offense as they were displaying contribution from many different players. Johannes Voigtmann scored inside, Canadian Aaron Doornekamp dropped a three pointer and athletic big man spark plug Mike Morrison scored on his bread and butter twice on the put back and dunk as Brussel was trailing quickly 21-9. The Frankfurt offense was functioning like clock work and just made a lot of fun to observe as ball movement with team work and finding the open man and making shots seemed as easy as a first grader getting a red star placed on its forehead for good school work. Doornekamp who looks like he has a twin brother in Danilo Barthel when the back of their heads from behind are seen hit a three pointer while Quantez Robertson made a steal and scored and then connected on a last second three pointer as the Fraport Skyliners dominating display of fire power ended the first quarter with the commanding 32-14 lead. „Frankfurt was talking a lot on defense and forcing them to bad shots. Barthel got them on fast start and their chemistry was really down. I liked Tez the most in the first quarter“, added TV Langen forward Martins Woody.

The Fraport Skyliners were unable to hold their dominating form from the first quarter as Brussels broke away and went on a 15-2 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 34-29. American Jason Wasburn who played at Utah(NCAA) got Brussel going with a pull up jumper, American Donald Sims who played at Appalachian St. (NCAA) got steaming as Frankfurt had no remedy how to slow him down as he scored four buckets showing his inside out game very ripe for a point guard as he scored inside twice and nailed two three pointers. The Fraport Skyliners were able to get their lead up again as they finally scored buckets again. Morrison scored inside as pass efficient Aaron Doornekamp mad e the quick pass. Barthel then nailed a high rianbow three pointer and on the next set, Klein found the 2014 NBA Summer Legaue player for the back door bucket as Frankfurt led comfortbaly again47-34 thanks to an 8-2 run. Robertson took both teams into half time with an aggressive penetration to the hoop finishing with his left hand as Frankfurt led 49-35. „Frankfurt lost concentration in the first five minutes getting sloppy turn overs and Brussel picked up the intensity. The Belgium team also did a good job switching up their defense confusing Frankfurt. Frankfurt did get intensity back in the last three minutes“, stressed Martins Woody.

In the third quarter, The Fraport Skyliners kept the lead, but allowed another Brussels run at the end as inconsistent was their middle name. Sims kept being a thorn in the side of Frankfurt as he could score almost at any time and always then when his team didn´t have anyone else who could provide spark. He hit another two three pointers as Frankfurt led only 53-44. However even with their inconsistency, Frankfurt had more weapons on the day and broke out with a 12-3 run to extend their lead to 65-49. Armand found his range hitting a three pointer and jumper, Johannes Voigtman scored twice getting a feed from Barthel all alone in the lane for the two handed dunk and then dropped a rare three pointer and Klein used his speed going coast to coast for the easy bucket. Armand still wasn´t happy after the win of his own game, but was content. „I had a meeting with coach today and he told me I am a scorer that can shoot and penetrate, but at times pass to much. I shot better than last game and I can continue to build on this and my defense“, said Sean Armand. Basketball is a game of runs and the game can change so fast which Brussel showed shaving off eight points of the Frankfurt lead going on a 8-2 run to trail only 67-57 after three quarters. Aleksandar Lichodzijewski started the run with a lay in and Travis Mckie who played at Wake Forest (NCAA) nailed a three pointer over Armand and then hit three free throws to end the third quarter. „The Skyliners picked up their intensity, but ir dropped down at the end. The biggest problem of Frankfurt was their inconsistency as they were up and down. Frankfurt had a 16 point lead and then let them cut it down to 10 points. They were unable to build on their lead. You can let teams come back like that“, warned Martins Woody.

In the fourth quarter, the Fraport Skyliners went back to their offensive basketball and easily won the fourth quarter 27-11 and game as they were able to prep one last time before the home opener on Friday. The ball movement was working again as well as the extra pass as Klein and Robertson hit three pointers as Frankfurt extended their lead to 75-61. Voigtman was still hungry for scoring as he scored consecutive buckets as Brussel trailed 80-63. Sean Armand continued to improve his stat sheet hitting two three pointers and Super Tez continued to be his aggressive self scoring inside getting steals and getting to the free throw line. All in all it was a good ending to the pre season for Frankfurt as they stayed undefeated. „In the first half our offense dictated our defense while in the second half our defense led to our offense and we started playing better. Our biggest strength was our communication in the second half“, stressed Sean Armand. „This was the toughest game that we had this pre season. Both teams had their runs, but the diffference was that Frankfurt extended their lead in the fourth quarter. Frankfurt was so aggressive from start to end on defense. The starters were aggressive then came the subs that were aggressive and it kept going back and forth. They will wear down many teams. We took this as a good experience and will try to learn from it“, stated Adam Hall.

The Fraport Skyliners were led by Johannes Voigtmann with 20 points. Quantez Robertson added 17 points, six rebounds, six assists and three steals. Sean Armand contributed 15 points and Mike Morrison, Aaron Doornekamp and Danilo Barthel chipped in with 11 points a piece. Basic Fit Brussel were led by Donald Sims with 25 points and Alexsandar Lichodzijewski added 15 points. It was a very successful pres eason fort he Fraport Skyliners, but the team shouldn´t rate it too high and just remain on the ground. „It is nice that we were undefeated, but we can still learn from wins. We can´t get ahead of ourselves and just take each game at a time. We are ready to play on Friday“, warned Sean Armand. Basic Fit Brussel already played Phoenix Hagen twice in the pre season and Adam Hall knows how Frankfurt will win. „Phoenix Hagen doesn´t have the prototypical team. Frankfurt can match them and have the size advantage. Frankfurt can hurt them inside and I would imagine that is what they will do“, warned Adam Hall.



Work Horse Michael Wenzl Powers The Hamburg Towers To First Victory In Their History Over Giessen 66-65

September 28, 2014

In the world city of Hamburg were just counting swans on the Alster can be seen as a hobby as there are so many, there are many sport clubs with rich tradition like soccer team HSV that has been in service for 127 years, St Pauli have been around for 94 years and the Uhlenhorster hockey team have been competiting for 113 years and now the city Hamburg that was host of the 2010 U-17 World Championships in basketball where Giessen guard Besnek Bekteshi tore up the competition had a new professional basketball team going to start a new era in Giessen that has been around since 1846 as they played their first professional game in the infamous and loud Osthalle. It was a long pre season for the team as they played very much basketball with a roster that was put together in July. It was also not a surprise that both the makers of this Hamburg Towers project ex German national player Marvin Willoughby and Frankfurt Skyliners legend Pascal Roller were on hand to witness history. Despite a frantic and almost successful comeback at the end of the game, Pascal Roller who was sporting a stylish dark black shirt bearing the intials of the city Hamburg HH was more relaxed while the more suave looking Willoughby who is a mix between Denzel Washington and Tyson Beckford was a bit more nervous at the end, but with 0,9 seconds to go another missed Hamburg free throw was left rolling on the rim as no Giessen player seemed awake allowing Terrry „Air Canada“ Thomas to secure the rebound and seal the 66-65 win as both chefs smiled and escaped Giessen with a victory. 40 minutes after the narrow win, Marvin Willoughby was able to summarize the 40 minutes that he had just witnessed. „We found out at the end that you have to play for 40 minutes and not 39 minutes. If you give up 9 points in the last minute, you will get punished. We were lucky that we won, but I am very happy that we won. We had a good phase in the up and down moments to stick together as a team. I thought we played a pretty good defensive game, but lost focus at the end. We have very much potential on the defensive end to get even better“, stressed Marvin Willoughby. „We wanted to win that first game at home. We didn´t execute well in the first half, but in the second half we executed better on offense, but still had defensive break downs. I felt that every player gave 100%. We have to get better and shoot fort wo wins this week“, added Giessen forward Andre Marhold.

The noisy uncomfortable atmosphere in the Giessen Osthalle didn´t unrattle the Hamburg Towers as they jumped out on a 6-2 lead as Michael Wenzl quickly got going with two buckets and showed early that he was motivated and really no match for any guy Giessen head coach Denis Wucherer stuck on him. The Hamburg Towers got their rhythm quickly as Giessen was stuck to playing catch up basketball. TJ Dileo was the only bright spot for Giessen in the early going as he scored twice. Hamburg got free throws from ex Paderborn forward Vincent Kittmann and Terry Thomas showed that flying through the air isn´t the only thing that he can do as he sunk a three pointer for the 11-7 Hamburg advantage. Hamburg continued to try to keep ex ratiopharm Ulm big man Wenzl involved as he scored his third bucket of the first quarter with his left hand and ex Paderborn guard Will Barnes scored on the penentration something that would haunt the Giessen defense all night long as Hamburg led 15-8. Hamburg continued to get much production from everyone as the bench provided punch as well as ex Biola(NAIA) forward Andre Murrillo scored inside. American Eric Palm of Giessen hit a big three pointer at the end as Giesen cut the Hamburg lead down to 18-13 after one quarter. However at an early stage one could sense that the Hamburg Towers wanted to win more and their team basketball concept was more convincing than the game of Giessen. The Hamburg Towers were shooting37% from the field and 17% from outside while Giessen was shooting 33% from the field and 25% from outside. Hamburg had the 11-9 rebound edge and only two turnovers while Giessen had five turnovers.

The game got more even in the second quarter as the GIessen 46ers continued to fight hard and trail by only four points at halftime. Cameron Wells got the Giessen 46ers going in the second quarter hitting a pull up jumper as Hamburg still led 18-15. Hamburg continued to exclude three point shooting going for buckets inside as Barnes and Wenzl score das Giessen trailed 23-17. Giessen took the advice from Denis Wucherer and got stronger going on a 9-2 run to tie the game at 26-26. Bjoern Schoo whamed home a tip in dunk, Cuban Yorman Polas who was running to the hole on every occasion scored inside, Eric Palm nailed a three pointer and lost Giessen son Johannes Lischka got two easy points as he was served on a fine platter from Besnik Bekteshi and all of a sudden Pascal Roller was hearing that loud unwanted Osthalle again like in the unforgetable derby games with the Frankfurt Skyliners. Giesen took the lead again the first time since the DiLeo 2-0 bucket, but Hamburg countered as Dennis Schroeder friend Bazoumana Kone made a beautiful two handed dunk on a break away to knot the game at 30-30. Kone reminds one very much of the play of NBA player Dennis Schroeder as his calmness and then sudden explosiveness is one of a kind and he then stole the ball at mid court came down and missed the dunk, but Terry Thomas grabbed the rebound and layed it in for the 32-30 lead. Palm and Kone then exchanged baskets and Barnes took the teams into half time with free throws and the 36-32 advantage. „I saw 12 good minutes in the first half. Then we let up a bit in the defense“, added Pascal Roller. „Despite the game being close, we calmed down a bit in the second quarter ran our transition defense better and read the Giessen defense better“, explained Will Barnes. The Hamburg Towers were shooting 42% from the field and 14% from the three point line while the Giessen 46ers were shooting 41% from the field and 29% from the three point line. Giessen rebounded better leading the boards battle 20-17, but had 10 turnovers while Hamburg had 6 turnovers.

Both teams came out of half time a bit uneasy as scoring and mistakes took over the third quarter as only 21 total points were scored, but the Hamburg Towers had the comfortable 49-40 lead after 30 minutes. Hamburg got out on a 8-2 run to lead 44-36 as the enforcer Will Barnes continued to show why aggressiveness should be his middle name. He hit three free throws after drawing the foul in the parking lot then scored inside and Kone scored inside again. Hamburg put up a notch on defense as Giessen couldn´t get into a flow and were forced to very difficult shots. Wenzl got a couple of buckets as he remained a real thorn in the Giessen defense as Hamburg just gave him the ball and he usually drew the foul or scored. Hamburg was playing for each other while Giessen was running around and just being very disorganized as they only produced 8 points in the third quarter. „We kept attacking and got big stops. We buckled down on defense and switched better on their pick and role“, warned Will Barnes. The Hamburg Towers were shooting 36% from the field and 17% from the parking lot while the Giessen 46ers were shooting 34% from the field and 16% from the parking lot. Giessen had the 31-30 rebound edge, but 16 turnovers while Hamburg had 12 turnovers.

Even if the Hamburg Towers kept a nice lead in the fourth quarter, Giessen still had something left in their gas tank for a comeback which resulted in the last minutes of the game. After Malou and Kone started off the fourth quarter with free throws, it was DiLeo and Thomas who traded buckets. Thomas made a steal on transition defense came back and made a nifty finger tip roll in as Hamburg still led 52-44. Giessen now was wide awake and went on a 9-2 run to cut the Hamburg lead to 54-53. Giessen started to hit their shots as Hamburg got lazy defending the pick and roll. Wells, Palm and Bekteshi hit big shots as Giessen was back in the game again. Then was the play of the game as Kone and Thomas teamed up for a crushing ally op dunk which was a mini version to what Schroeder and Theis did in their Braunschweig days, but still it was spectacular and Giessen was caught napping as there was no one to stop that back door pass. Barnes then switched hands for an easy lay up as Hamburg led 59-53. Giessen kept threatening as DiLeo scored inside and then defense powered the offense as Bekteshi made a steal and went coast to coast as Giessen trailed only 59-57. However Hamburg still had nerves of steal as they went on a mini 4-0 run as Kone scored inside and Wenzl was still as fresh as in the first quarter as he battled through 2 Giessen players for the put back as Hamburg led 64-57. However then Hamburg recieved a good lesson why one should play 40 minutes of basketball as they gave up a 9-1 run, but were lucky to escape with the 66-65 win. Kone scored the last Hamburg bucket as Hamburg led 66-57 and perhaps some players were already thinking where the small vacation like Hamburg bus whould stop after the game at Mcdonalds, Burger King or KFC, but with a minute to play Giessen somehow fought back as DiLeo scored and Bekteshi got the small gym cooking with a big three pointer with 0,9 secondfs to play. On the next inbounds play Thomas was fouled. He missed both free throws, but Pascal Roller will never remember that in 10 years, but moreover the historic win in Giessen. „We had problems on the pick and role defense and didn´t switch as well. I have to give them a lot of respect. They didn´t lay down, but fought until the end“, stressed Will Barnes. The Hamburg Towers were led by Michael Wenzl with 19 points and 13 rebounds while Will Barnes added 18 points. Giessen was led by TJ DiLeo with 17 points while Besnik Bekteshi added 13 points and Eric Palm had 12 points. Even if Pascal Roller knows it was a full team effort, Will Barnes knows that Hamburg might have had a boring bus ride home with german lessons from teammate Andre Murrillo had Wenzl not played. „I think that we didn´t give Michael Wenzl the ball enough. He had a great game. That last and one won us the game at the end. We would not have won this game without him“, warned Will Barnes.


Terry Thomas(Hamburg Towers) Losing Basketball To Some Mistakes Clearly Showed Me I Needed To Turn My Life Around In Order To Play The Sport I Loved

September 27, 2014

Terry Thomas is a 193cm forward from Canada that is a professional rookie and playing his first season in Germany with Pro A team Hamburg Towers. He started his basketball career in 2010 with : St.Francis Xavier (CIS) where he played until 20103. He ten moved on tot he University of Ottawa (CIS) an das a senior played 19 games: Score-4(21.4ppg), 5.9rpg, 2.0apg, Steals-3(2.4spg), FGP: 59.2%, 3PT: 43.1%, FT: 70.6%. He spoke to German Hoops recently before the start of the season.



Terry thanks for talking to German Hoops. You will be playing your rookie season in Germany with the Hamburg Towers. How was your first offseason market test? You had a strong last season with Ottawa(CIS). Did you get many offers?


I’ve gotten a few but my agent and I felt this would be the best choice for my rookie season playing for the Hamburg Towers.

What were the main reasons for coming tot he Hamburg Towers? What sold you on this new organization where you will be part of history?When did you find out that Pascal Roller and Marvin Willoughby played with NBA superstar Dirk Nowitzki and are German basketball legend themselves?

I really liked the coach and my agent has a good relationship with him so is was a easy choice also hearing about the famous Pascal and Marvin was a choice I couldn’t turn down

You have been in Hamburg now almost two monthes. How have you got adjusted to the German way of life and what do you like most about Hamburg?

Hamburg is a beautiful city and I have been just working out and touring around the city with some of the players i’m loving my time here i’ve been slowly learning a bit of German too.

What has been your early impression oft he Hamburg Towers? The team has a young and ambitious head coach and will play with many German players and young imports.

Its been a great experience for me since I have been here and our team looks very strong and playing well together. Our head coach Hamed is very hands on and a great teacher so i’m learning a lot everyday i’m feeling really good about the season.

Winning the Mcdonalds Cup may not stack up to winning an Atlantic division or OUA title, but how important wa sit winning this title so early in the preseason for this new organization?

Its always good to win but the main focus was working together and learning and playing as a unit for tougher teams and staying mentally ready

You were a scorer in school and will have a side kick with American Will Barnes who also can put the ball in the hole. What will be your role on the team besides making high flying athletic flights tot he basket?

Will Barnes is a great leader and player and I can play around other players and also my main focus will be defense as I take a lot of pride in that.


What has been your early impression of Andres Murillo who played at Biola and hast he American/German citzenship? How will he help the team most?

Andres is a very strong player and has good post moves and just like me we are both learning a lot and changing our games to better the team and he’s been teaching me some German from time to time

You played two full seasons for St.Francis Xavier (CIS) and then due to a violation of team policy saw you sit out the exhibition schedule and academic issues led to the season, and eventually your career at St-FX to come to an abrupt end only seven games into the schedule.How difficult was it coming to terms with the whole situation? What did you learn from this experience?

Losing basketball to some mistakes clearly showed me that I was making some bad choices in my life and I needed to turn my life around in order to play the sport I loved

You then played your senior year at the University of Ottawa (CIS) playing 19 games: Score-4(21.4ppg), 5.9rpg, 2.0apg, Steals-3(2.4spg), FGP: 59.2%, 3PT: 43.1%, FT: 70.6%. You had no problems filling the left shoes of Warren Ward. How important was your head coach James Derouin for helping you take the next step as a college player after ahving to sit out most of your third year at St Francis? How did he make you into a professional basketball player?

Mr.Derouin was a huge help by giving me a second chance with basketball and he was a great role model showing me the tools I needed to be successful and just being very positive showed me that with hard work it always pays off.

You helped Ottawa to the national championship game against Carleton. What will you always remember from this game besides Tyson Hinz exploding for 30 points?

I will always remember how hard my team worked to get there from the start of the season and how hard the loss was afterwards.

In your senior season you played with Caleb Agada. How did you guys make each other better in practice and where do you see his career going?

Caleb and I always went head to head and he was a very strong and hard working player honestly I see his career going very far with is work ethic.

It seems like Canada has made huge strides in world absketball in the last 10 years? How important has Vince Carter been for Canadian basketball and especially the athletic players like yourself?

Vince Carter has been an idol for a lot of athletic players like myself and gave us a lot of hope to have great careers like his.

Thanks Terry for the chat.

Frankie Sullivan (Freak Athlete Quantez Robertson Is One Of The Reasons Why I Even Attended Auburn)

September 24, 2014


Sometimes luck as a basketball player can drastically change to the better like a severe downpour in Miami, Florida which clears up turning back to beautiful sunshine and more extended beach time, or on the Voice in the United States where Jackie Lee won her battle and Briana Cuoco the sister of Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco was already booking her flight home, but in a rapid instant got stolen from country star Blake Shelton meaning that her nine lives on the show continued as she joied the team of the Oklahoma native or the amazing 11 walk on wins last season of the 2007 World Series champion Boston Red Sox who most likely had some fans heading to the parking lot in the ninth innings of games, just to be shattered of not staying on to the see the heroics hearing the call on WEEI radio. On could say that Frankie Sullivan has had a moment like this early in his rookie season. After a stellar four year career at Auburn, he was given a try-out by German team Fraport Skyliners, but didn´t pass the test. Any disappointment like this isn´t easy for a player, but he didn´t need to be sad long as he got a new job offer from Kouvot Kouvola (Finland-Korisliiga) in Finland. It might be culture shock for the American from Alabama going from a 600,000 city like Frankfurt to Kouvola that had only 87,000 inhabitants. He most likely even had more things happening at the 25,000 student university at Auburn than his new basketball home, but a job is a job and he was just happy to keep his basketball dream alive. “I’m was really blessed to have this Job. Didn’t want to go home at all. The basketball market is so tough and there are many jobless players at the moment”, stressed Frankie Sullivan.

Sullivan came to the Fraport Skyliners during training camp in August 2013 and didn´t have an easy task of having to take over the point guard duties as American Dawan Robinson was still on the sidelines getting ready for his return in mid September where he was able to take part in contact practices which would have been risky earlier for him coming back to soon. Sullivan didn´t get too much chance to display his basketball smorgasbord, but in an exhibition game against the Giessen 46ers, he chipped in with 10 points and at times showed his overall fine guard play helping out at all parts of the court. The American got a chance to play with other young German players like Stefan Ilzhoefer, Konstantin Klein, Danilo Barthel and Johannes Voigtmann and despite coming from Auburn where teammates weren´t older than 22 years already saw a healthy self confidence and experience factor that isn´t always seen with young players. “The team was really good to be young and the older guys really helped out a lot. Most of them had been playing professional for a few years now. They didn’t seem young to me”, smiled Frankie Sullivan. Despite his first steps into the professional water with the Fraport Skyliners, the club decided to go in another direction as it didn´t have to do so much with his skill level, but moreover that the Style of Sullivan didn´t fit into the concept of Gordon Herbert. “It always hurts when you get cut. I talked to the coach and he told me why I got cut. I respect the coach there and he really is a great man. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to have had a try-out for them. It really was a blessing to me. I think that they did what was best for the team. Want to thank them for the experience and great first time overseas”, commented Frankie Sullivan. The American might have had the splendid coaching staff of the Fraport Skyliners giving him encouraging words of wisdom, but there was a fourth type mentor form Philadelphia that had no problem giving advice during a time out. Sullivan feels very fortunate to have had a guy like Dawan Robinson giving him tips during his short stay in Frankfurt. “He was one of the players that really made me feel at home. The best tip/advice that he gave me was to always be a professional. Come to work on time and be ready to work when you get there. I learned the most off the court from him. Things like talks about the business side of being a pro. How not to take anything personal its all about business. He is a great guy and still checks on me from time to time”, added Frankie Sullivan.

Before coming to Frankfurt and playing at Auburn, he already made a name for himself averaging  26.7 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.5 steals and 3.6 assists as a senior for R.C. Hatch High School under coach Homer Davis in earning Alabama Sports Writers Association Class 2A Player of the Year honors in 2008. It was the Bobcats’ third straight state title in finishing 28-1 and their fifth in six years. He finished 6-year varsity career with more than 4,000 points, scored a Class 2A state tournament scoring record 51 points in the Alabama Class 2A title game, including 34 in the second half as R.C. Hatch defeated Barbour County 81-69. One could say that he was already a legend in high school, but when it came to making comparisons to St Marys success in Ohio and Lebron James, he remained stern and showed respect when it is needed. “St Marys and Lebron James´s team was unreal. We were well known in the state for basketball. Basketball in my town wasn’t just a game it was the way life”, warned Frankie Sullivan. He then moved to Auburn where he played from 2008-2013 playing a total of 134 NCAA games. What is interesting to note that despite showing his ability and success on the court, he was also a star in the class room coming to Auburn as a member of the honor society and graduated on December 12, 2011, with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He was the first Tiger to graduate in three and a half years since Marquis Daniels, now of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, earned his degree in 2003. As a senior he played 32 games averaging 14.5ppg, 3.9rpg, 2.8apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 45.8%, 3PT: 27.7%, FT: 79.0%. Despite having his best stats as an Auburn Tiger, it was an up and down season for him as he started off the season averaging 17,9ppg, but then had a nasty slump only to finish at 14,5ppg and a loss against Texas A & M in his last game in the NCAA. Despite that ending, he wont leave Auburn forgotten as he was ranked first in Auburn history in games played (134), first in 3-point attempts (713), fourth in steals (190), fourth in 3-pointers made (228), fourth in free throws made (334), sixth in free throws attempted (431) and ninth in field goals attempted (1,268). One of the joys for the Alabama native was coming to Frankfurt to play together with ex Auburn teammate Quantez Robertson and one could see that Tez already had a special aura at Auburn. “Tez is one of the reasons why I even attended Auburn. I look up to him. One of if not the hardest workers I know in the game of basketball”, added Frankie Sullivan. He played with Robertson during the 2008-2009 season as he was a senior and Sullivan was a freshman and remembers one of those typical Tez hustle plays on the court. “The most amazing thing I ever seen him do was the game saving blocked shot against Florida in the SEC tournament my freshman year. The man blocked a three point shot for us to win the game. It was fun times”, said Frankie Sullivan. The shot of Quantez Robertson was never his strong suit, but it has improved in the Beko BBL in the last few years and Sullivan agrees. “His shot really has got better over the years all from hard work. He really is a Freak athlete”, warned Frankie Sullivan. Robertson has gotten the freak athlete name from many players, but getting to the NBA just on defense work is possible, but more like having to find a tiger in a long corn field in Alabama. “It doesn’t surprise me because the NBA is hard to get into. However I do think that he could play in the NBA and be a great defensive stopper for a lot of teams. The only thing that I think would be the problem is a scout talking about him not being able to score at his height. The crazy thing is he can score the basketball when he is aggressive. I really think if a team would pick him up they would be getting a steal”, warned Frankie Sullivan.

Sullivan started a new basketball life in Finland after departing Frankfurt playing for Kouvot Kouvola and came to a team that has had players like John Allen, David Bell, Wayne Bernard, Lamarr Greer and AJ Moye playing for them in the past. Despite the slow start by the team at 0-9 and the club struggling through the season with a record of 6-22 the experience had been great. “I loved it. The coach really knows the game. He taught me how to really utilize my talent to be successful. You can always get better at everything. I think once we just get that first win thing will get rolling for us”, stressed Frankie Sullivan. Even if the Finland-Korisliiga is weaker than the Beko BBL, it is never easy coming late to a team and having to be integrated into the team. Finland is also a great league for young and upcoming players to make a name for themselves and then move on to higher leagues as a Ricky Hickman did playing for Macabbi tel Aviv. Sullivan has had no problems having to adjust to the new league as he is averaged 19.4ppg, 5.4rpg, 3.2apg, 1.4spg, 2FGP: 45.3%, 3FGP: 32.6%, FT: 71.7%, He has scored in double figures in all nine games including two 30 point games and a 32 point effort. “First it’s God leading the way for me. Without him I wouldn’t even have been here. My coach is always showed me film, talking to me about making the team better, and I just love the game. My teammates made it easy for me by trusting in me. I’m a firm believer in if you put the hard work in everything else will take care of itself”, added Frankie Sullivan. He played on a team with three other Americans and the rest all Finish players. As a rookie, he took the reigns into his own hands and took responsibility as he was the leading scorer and at the top of other statistics on the team. In a way scoring is something that the American has always known to do, so why not as rookie in Finland. “Scoring the ball has always been something I have had pretty good success in. I wouldn’t say that I am the go to guy, but if that is the role I have to play I don’t mind. I just want to win. I just want to play a role in wining. When you win everyone looks good”, warned Frankie Sullivan. One thing was for sure that when it started getting uncomfortably cold in Finland, Sullivan was hanging out in the Sauna, but he still needed practice, because even if he was able to practice at the Titus Terme sauna at the Fraport Skyliners practice facility, he still needed to find his form in a Finish sauna. “ I tried the other day I might have stayed in there 5 minutes”, smiled Frankie Sullivan. His rookie journey didn´t end in Finland, but brought him back to Germany to Crailsheim where he is balled in the Pro A. It was a little surprising to see him leave a team where he was one of the top performers. “I had great stats but the team wasn’t winning. I’m guessing the team wanted change”, stressed Sullivan. Sullivan joined a team that had a 18-5 record and the second best team in the German Pro A behind 010 Eurochallenge winner BG Goettingen. The American was glad to be playing for a winning team and for a coach that believed in his play. “It has been a great experience to be on such a talented team. My role was to come in the game and bring energy to the team. Coach Young had been very helpful to me in the first few weeks. He believed in in my strengths on the court and allowed me to play my game”, stressed Sullivan. After starting in Frankfurt via Kouvot, he came to Crailsheim a city with only 32,000 people living there and the smallest from each city he has played in his rookie season. However the third was to be the charm as the club was able to move up to the Beko BBL thanks to the support from the American. In 21 games he averaged 9.0ppg, 2.6rpg, 2.0apg, Steals-4(1.8spg), FGP: 41.7%, 3PT: 29.2%, FT: 72.9%. He helped the team get by Gotha and especially against NBC came up big in game three and four supplying 21 and 17 points to get to the final. Crailsheim lost the Pro A final to BG Goettingen, but as the finalist automatically moved up to the Beko BBL. It might have been a long first rookie season for the Alabama native, but to finish it off by aiding Crailsheim reach the Beko BBL made the taste of the Crailsheim specialty Horaff pastry at the victory dinner so much sweeter. Unfortunately Crailsheim didn´t keep Frankie Sullivan, but with his experience as a rookie last season, he would be a great addition to any team even so late now in the preseason.

Quantez Robertson Has The Lion Look Again Roaring The Fraport Skyliners Past Leuven(Belgium) 78-70

September 23, 2014

After a very successful, but also interesting training camp in Austria where the club was confronted with some adventurous experiences like having to stay at an area hotel at the airport which in comparison to the giant Frankfurt city airport is like a town airport instead of staying somewhere in the captivating nature outside of Vienna or the moment when there were too many players on the elevator resulting in the machine standing still. In the game of ice hockey, one can be penalized for too many men on the ice, while in an elevator you get punished with getting a claustrophobic feeling which for Danilo Barthel would still be more bearable then getting surprised with sudden falling spiders from the ceiling. The club won every exhibition game in Austria by more than 15 points and looked very sharp as Gordon Herbert already had his stamp of team basketball inked on his team as no one player stood out, but each guy produced and often the team had 4-5 players in double figures. The Fraport Skyliners finally returned home to their training facility BCM and presented themselves for the first time for the home crowd against Belgium team Leuven. It was the chance for newcomers Richard Williams, Sean Armand, Mikka Koivisto, Mike Morrison and Aaron Dournekamp to display their basketball talent and they didn´t disappoint as they came back after a weak first half where they gave up 45 points to turning up the intensity in the second half and letting up only 25 points and prevailing 78-70. Rookie Sean Armand was thrilled to finally breathe the same air as the fans in Frankfurt. „It was a great feeling playing in this gym. The fans were really excited and one has to apprciate their support. Not all teams have this type of facility and kind of fans“, stressed Iona alumnist Sean Armand. For Aaron Doornekamp, the competition was a healthy change for the team. „It was a great atmosphere and it was good playing against a team Like Leuven that was tougher to play than the teams in Austria. However we were sloppy and can´t have that happen again“, added Aaron Doornekamp. 45 minutes after the game, Quantez Robertson was ending his evening with a quick post game bite at Mcdonalds and also the last time that he would have his afro hair look. Just like last season at the first home test game that Frankfurt won, he had the afro look. Against Leuven it was present again and the luck is on his side as the team is 2-0 when Robertson has that Lion look. „Johannes Voigtmann told me to keep the lion look, but on Sunday I will look normal again“, smiled Quantez Robertson.

The BCM training facility was packed, but fans didn´t see starting point guard import Richard Williams who had a groin injury, but should be ready for the home opener against Phoenix Hagen October 3rd. The Fraport Skyliners started with the big German 3 of Konstantin Klein, Johannes Voigtmann, Danilo Barthel, Quantez Robertson and Sean Armand. However the Belgium team got on the board first as 208cm forward Stehpanie Moris who looked like a mix out of Marius Nolte and Maksym Shtein displayed his soft touch burying a three pointer. However the Fraport Skyliners found their rhythm right away as Johannes Voigtman scored twice as he was served perfectly with passes from Klein and Armand for the 4-3 advantage. Leuven retook the lead as Frankfurt didn´t defend Moris closely as he dropped another three pointer, but Klein tied the score with a lay in. 26 year old 191cm point guard Jason Westrol who played at Bently(NCAA2) scored inside, but Robertson cut the Leuven lead to 10-9 with a three pointer. Westrol got going scoring two more buckets as Leuven led 14-9. New Skyliner Mikko Koivisto who played at the 2014 World championships in Spain with Finland and played against NBA stars like James Harden and Derrick Rose recently hit his first jumper cutting the Leuven lead to 15-14. Howver then it was Morris again nailing his third three pointer of the game as Leuven led 17-15. „Moris is a pick and pop player. When he screens then we know he will pop. He got going and got confidence that helped us“, stated Elias Lasisi. Oliver Troisfontaines then connected on a three pointer as Leuven led 20-15. In the last minute, Frankfurt closed out the first quarter with a 5-0 run as Doornekamp hit a pull up jumper and Klein as always used his aggressive defense to his advantage forcing a steal and going coast to coast. After 10 minutes the game was deadlocked at 20-20.

In the second quarter the game stayed even for the first five minutes before Leuven went on a run in the last five minutes to go into halftime with the lead. A positive aspect to the more weaker first half for the Fraport Skyliners was the stepping up of certain players in certain moments as young German Johannes Richter was one of these players as he connected on two consecutive three pointers as Frankfurt still led 26-23. However Jaromir Boachic from the Czech Republic brought back some old school elements with a left handed hook shot and then scored inside as Leuven regained the lead 27-26. Voigtmann would give Frankfurt the lead one more time with a lay in 28-27, but Leuven then went on their run closing out the second quarter with a 18-8 run to lead 45-37. As it was Moris in the first quarter making nine points, now it was time for Belgium Yannick Desiron to take the reigns into his own hands as he made 10 of the 18 points in the Leuvin run. He scored the first 7 points in the run as Leuvin led 34-28. Frankfurt was having immense problems on the defensive side especially keeping their shooters covered. The only highlight for Frankfurt in this run was the Mike Morrison dunk that was actually a Danilo Barthel airball that was perfectly in the air for the athletic big man to stuff home. Desiron hit another three pointer as Leuven led 42-34. „Desiron got us going. After he hit that first shot, he got confidence and continued making shots which carried us“, stressed Elias Lasisi. Leuven kept the momentum and led 45-37 at halftime. „I think that Frankfurt had to much adrenaline which got to them in the first half“, said ex SC Rasta Vechta point guard Richard Williams. „We really played very good defense in the first half“, added Elias Lasisi.

During the halftime, Gordon Herbert had a very intense talk with his team behind closed doors and it seemed to do wonders as it was like night and day as the Fraport Skyliners won the third quarter 28-7. „Coach Herbert told us to stop playing individual and play harder with more effort“, stressed Sean Armand. The Fraport Skyliners came out rejuvenated and quickly poured on a 10-0 run to lead 47-45. Frankfurt got input from many players as Robertson hit free throws, Doornekamp a pull up jumper, Barthel a tip in dunk and three pointer and Klein a lay up with hard penetration. Herbert had rattled the lineup keeping Armand out and inserting Doornekamp. The Canadian didn´t feel that his entrance was a big reason for the turnaround as this was something that was bound to happen. „It is easy to come out after a horrible first half. We had to get better and we had more energy. We can´t afford to have a first half like that again or we could be down 20 points“, warned Aaron Doornekamp. The Fraport Skyliners were clicking as a unit as they kept their turnovers down which was a problem in the second quarter and forced their opponent to more turnovers with more intensity on defense. Voigtmann got to the free throw line twice and made a reverse lay up and Doornekmap nailed a three pointer. With so much offense clicking the self confidence rises as even a Max Merz attempted a tough fade away jumper from the corner that saw nothing but net as Leuven trailed 58-49. Frankfurt also was doing a better job getting their transition game in action as Merz found Voigtmann running the floor for two easy points. Barthel poured down a three pointer as the Fraport Skyliners led 64-52 after 30 minutes. „Energy and effort brings execution. Defense was the key in the third and we played as a team and not individually“, commented Sean Armand.

It took Beko BBl rookie Sean Armand 32 minutes before he got his first bucket hitting a three pointer. All in all it was a disappointing debut for him at home as he shot 1/9 with two rebounds one assist and two turnovers. One could see on his expression that he was more than not content with his performance, but as a shooter one can´t always expect Andrew Rautins shooting performances. „It was just one of those days where nothing was falling. When that happens I try to get my passing game involved and play good defense and get that win“, stressed Sean Armand. „It was one of those days. Everyone has them. You have to remember Armand is a rookie and it is a learning process“, stated Richard Williams. New Skyliner American Mike Morrison who had been quiet got some energy into the game with a tip in and then thunderous dunk as he drove through the lane as the Leuven defense just watched as Frankfurt led 71-57. Barthel got his shooting going making a three pointer as Frankfurt led 74-59. The game pretty much ended here for Frankfurt as with 4 minutes to go, Leuven closed out the game strong going on a 11-4 run. Jason Westrol got the offense going with a fade away jumper. Leuven changed their game plan a bit and got to the free throw line more as Lasisi and Tumba got there as did Westrol. This was perhaps a strategy they should of followed earlier. „We ran out of time at the end. We could of come back as they let go. But all in all, Frankfurt played with more intensity in the second half and we had problems completing our plays“, stressed Elias Lasisi. „We were sloppy at the end. We need to end games better“, warned Aaron Doornekamp.

The Fraport Skyliners were led by Danilo Barthel with 17 points and nine rebounds. Johannes Voigtmann added 12 points and six rebounds. Aaron Doornekamp had a solid game scoring 10 points, hauling down six rebounds and dishing out three assists. Leuven was led by Jason Westrol with 19 points, six assists and four rebounds. Stephanie Moris had 12 points while Yannick Desirl added 10 points. The Fraport Skyliners shot 45% from the field and 33% from outside while Leuvin shot 48% from the field and 33% from the parking lot. Frankfurt won the rebound duel 36-29 and had only 12 turnovers while Leuvin had 15 turnovers. An interesting tidbid that one could dwell on was how much more fasterwould the team be if Richard Williams had been in the game? „That is tough to judge because we have a different look with him as he can always change the the rhythm. We would have been even quicker. I think teams in general will have problems with us. We have Williams and Klein that bring nonstop pressure as does Max Merz. There aren´t many teams that have three guards like that“, warned Aaron Doornekamp. As the team is less than two weeks away from opening day there are good things, but also bad things in the game that need to be erased. „I like how we came back in the second half. It was either fold or accept the challenge and we played well. We need to work on bringing energy form the start, better execution as like always defense can be better“, warned Sean Armand. The Fraport Skyliners wrap up their pres season on September 28th with a game against Bruessels.

Patrick Simon(Erdgas Ehingen) I Have Always Looked UP To Dirk Nowitzki And Abe Lodwick Taught Me The Ropes At WSU

September 22, 2014

Patrick Simon is a 203cm forward from Ephrata, Washington that is starting his professional basketball career in Germany with Erdgas Ehingen. He started his basketball career in 2010 with Washington St. (NCAA) where he played until 2012. He then moved to Seattle Pacific (NCAA2) and as a senior played 29 games: 16.0ppg, 5.0rpg, FGP: 54.0%, 3PT: NCAA2-1(50.0%), FT: 81.6%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball this past summer before he came to Germany.



Thanks for talking to German Hoops Patrick. Where are you at the moment and how have you been enjoying your summer?

Right now I’m in my hometown of Ephrata, WA after moving my things back home from Seattle before I leave for Germany in the next couple weeks. My summer has been going well spending time with friends and family.

You have signed a contract with German pro A team Erdgas Ehingen for the upcoming season. How excited are you starting your professional basketball career in Germany?

I am very excited to start my professional career in Germany. Professional basketball has always my ultimate goal so I am happy that I will be able to start that adventure this coming year.

How was the summer transfer market as a rookie. Did you have many offers from Europe and what sold you most on coming to the Ehingen program?

I had one other offer and a couple other teams showing interest before I signed with Erdgas Ehingen. The process was very new to me but I feel confident that I found a good place. I was sold on Ehingen because they have a very professional reputation and are known for developing young players like myself.

You will be coming to Ehingen just as the Ralph Junge era ended. He has moved to another Pro A team Nurnberg as head coach. He has been responsible for developing countless German players in Ehingen in the last 10 years. You will play for Michael Spoecker who is a young coach and coached the U-19 team of Ehingen. Have you spoken to him and what has been your overall impression?

I have been able to speak with Michael over the phone and see that he is a good guy with good philosophies. I am excited to play for him.

You are only 21 one, but had a very interesting college career playing at Washington State and the last two seasons for Seattle Pacific (NCAA2). What was high school life for you having been the youngest player ever chosen by a Washington state school in ninth grade to commit to Washington State? You had a very good high school career, but do you think not having been known as a phenom might have brought your early development in a different direction?

Committing to WSU as a freshman in high school definitely put a spotlight on my basketball career. After having a successful high school career, the transition to college was much different. I was not fully prepared for the physicality and speed of the game at the next level. I developed a great deal early on in college but still had a lot of room to grow.

Head coach Tony Bennett had recruited you to Washington state, but left for Virginia before you arrived in 2010. New head coach was Ken Bone. You averaged 3,2ppg and 2,7pg your first two seasons. Ken Bone had stated you would play more your junior season. Why weren´t you able to play more of a role under Ken Bone?

I didn’t feel that I fit into the system that well at WSU, my role had become too limited for my playing style and I didn’t see myself being successful moving forward into my junior and senior year. I was also playing behind Abe Lodwick and Brock Motum, who are both now playing professionally.

You then found a home at Seattle Pacific (NCAA2). After not getting a real chance at Washington State, did you feel a lot of pressure at Seattle Pacific (NCAA2) I mean you knew that the NBA was out of reach, but were you thinking about still being able to possibly play in Europe when your college career was over?

I was able to go to SPU with a lot of confidence knowing that I would play a big role on the team right away and got back into a winning program. I approached the experience at first with the wait-and-see mentality to see how well I would do and how much I would like it. After two good seasons at SPU, I knew for sure that I wanted to continue my playing career.

You were the best three point shooter last season in the NCAA2 shooting 50%. Who has been your role model shooter at the power forward position that you kind of looked up to?

The two players close to my position that I have always looked up to have been Adam Morrison and Dirk Nowitzki. Adam Morrison was a great scorer with an unorthodox game and Dirk is a great shooter and scorer for being a 7-footer.

You can obviously hit form outside, but what is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?

I believe that a hidden strength of mine other than shooting and scoring is my passing ability.

You hit San Francisco State last season with 10/12 three pointers and ran out of ideas of celebrations after hitting a three pointer. why didn´t you call up Klay Thompson? I am sure he could of given you some advice? Lol

I usually keep a solid 5 or 6 celebrations in my arsenal, and I was amazed when I could not come up with any more.

How has head coach Ryan Looney prepared you best for a professional basketball career. What was the most important thing that you have learned from him?

I have learned a lot from Coach Looney over the last two years. From him I have learned the importance of fine-tuning my game. We ran a very structured offense at SPU, which made it important to know what moves and shots would work in certain situations.

What memories do you have of Abe Lodwick at Washington State? He has had two solid seasons as a professional in Europe and is looking to make the next step in Belgium this season?

Abe was somewhat of a mentor to me during my time at WSU. Playing the same position, I basically learned the ropes from him. He has a heck of a work ethic and will continue to have good seasons in Europe.

Klay Thompson can light it up with the best of them. What was the most incredible thing you saw him do in a practice or game that you will never forget?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one practice or game where Klay lit it up on the court. But one play that I will always remember was my freshman year when we played Baylor in the Diamondhead classic in Hawaii. It was a close game, he had an iso with the ball in the middle of the court, he pulled up and hit about a 27 foot three, which extended our lead with only a couple minutes left in the game.

How does a normal work out day look like for Patrick Simon in the summer?

On a normal workout day in the summer, I like either get in a good hour and a half to two-hour workout or two one hour workouts. I like to lift weights earlier in the day and play open gym or shoot during the afternoon or evening.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Lone Survivor.


Thnaks Patrick for the chat.


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